Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Cover Story 0004 - Ch.9

What We Talk About Love When We Talk About Love
Dreams of dreams
Confusion of the feelings

First love, [last rites]
Days of joy

Erogenous zone
Nights of love and laughter
Kama Sutra
The orgy - an idyll
Little misunderstanding of no importancel

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  1. Haha...this made me laugh. My love story just had a "little misunderstanding of no importance" tonight.

  2. As long as love is not Gone with the Wind.

  3. Claude, Gone with the wind comes after The Joy of Cabbage!

  4. Ha ha, Ruth,
    I hope it flew into love and laughter ...

    Gone with the Wind is an option, anyway. I shall try to not let it become part of the story, though, as it is not among my 'top thousand'.

  5. Not only that our comments crossed, Jams, even our thoughts did.

    By the way, again delicious kohlrabi in Seanhenge this year.

  6. Hahaha...Guys, you're funny! This would never have come to my mind. Jams, your book could also be Death on the Orient Express.

  7. Very funny turn of events! I suppose minor misunderstandings are inevitable in the wake of an orgy.