Sunday, August 01, 2010

An August beginning

On the last day of July - thus yesterday -, after lunch sitting on balcony enjoying a mug of coffee, a finger-rolled (sic) fag and a certain chapter in Pessoa's 'Book of Unrest', I got a tiny bit distracted by some flies and butterflies jetting around my head, as if drugged up to their eyeballs like the saying goes about certain US-Airforce-pilots. Thus, I went downstairs, soon got ...

to the bottom of the phenomenon and decided ...

to leave the cherries to Seanhenge's Air Force
allow myself ...

to start August with a plain pleasure.


  1. People are far from being the only creatures who enjoy an altered perception.

  2. Somehow Fernando doesn't seem to belong in this lushy, rustling, buzzling, singing scenery. It will do him good...

    Santé à toute vie à Seanhenge!

  3. This remark, dear Susan,
    does not lack of accuracy. :)

    unrest and rest - the right mixture makes life interesting.
    I'd only open the Book of Unrest when (feeling) myself being in a state of relaxed serenety.

    PS: After enjoying the taste of one glass of Guinness I'd not jetting around Seanhenge like certain (butter-)flies.
    The 'plain pleasures' included the re-reading of some remarkable short-stories, watching the night-sky, listening to the silence, writing down some thoughts and ... enjoying the pain after another 60 push-ups adding nine to surrender ... only to laugh afterwards - "Aua aua aua, whereto has vanished my power. :-))))))))))

  4. Talking about push-ups, remember your promise, Popeye. Douce nuit, mon ami!

  5. Claude,
    the day will come ...

    everyone is just nuts about cherries. :)