Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cover Story 0004 - Ch.11

What We Talk About Love When We Talk About Love
Dreams of dreams
Confusion of the feelings

First love, [last rites]
Days of joy

Erogenous zone
Nights of love and laughter
Kama Sutra
The orgy - an idyl
The Siren
Don Juan's temptation

Little misunderstanding of no importance

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  1. Das Kamasutra!? You sly old dog Sean, so aside from German and English, you know one or two other lingual tricks then!
    Will nobody think of the children!

    But wait, my delayed reaction is kicking in. Why, ALL these books are references to night sports! Sean, you're putting me to shame. Roald Dahl's Uncle Oswald is about as racey as my library gets.

  2. I'm afraid that Sean's book has been put in the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. That's a sure sign that it's a best seller. It will be hard to get a copy at a reasonable price.

  3. Honi soit qui mal y pense. dear C'est La Craic.
    By far the majority of books don't live up to what their title's (seem to) promise.
    I do confess, though, that - for this and that reason - I'd like to be polyglot.
    And, as far as I can see, there are more references to come - for a sport that can be enjoyed not only at night. :)

    Ha ha, that you'd mention Roald Dahl (great writer) and his Uncle Oswald! Obviously such hilarious a book that the person I lent it to decades ago, forgot to hand it back. [Since I would not lend books to anyone, anymore]

    you do not know how close you got to the ... well, a possible end.

  4. Well personaly I wouldn't mind getting a bit more of the evil I had in mind, even if I'm not bewitching in a garter.

  5. C'est La Craic,
    chapter 14 is going to prove what the evil of (baseless) jealousy can cause.

    Imagining you wearing said garter I can't but must concede, it has a certain je ne sais quoi. :)