Monday, August 02, 2010

Cover Story 0004 - Ch.8

What We Talk About Love When We Talk About Love
Dreams of dreams
Confusion of the feelings

First love, [last rites]
Days of joy

Erogenous zone
Nights of love and laughter
Kama Sutra
The orgy - an idyll

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  1. Boo hoo. I can't play this game. No books (as explained previously)... Oh, I could go through to my son's room though and take the first five... Hang on... Quantum Field Theory, Astrophysics, Fundamental Dynamics, Parallel Worlds (Oh?), and Why Beauty is Truth. (Hmmm...).

  2. Andrew,
    now, your son's bookshelf leaves possibilities, hm?

    The chapter 'Why Beauty is Truth' will wake up all those who might almost have fallen asleep after the first four, and it might surprise those who thought they were reading non-fiction.
    By the way, 'Why Truth is Beautiful' would also be a fine title.

    Apropos 'beautiful': Congratulations on your new avatar which reminds me of Don QuiScottie cudgeling his brains how to conquer windmills, certain windmillish symbols and ... ah, let's for tonight not mention Boltzmann as, anyway, there might not have happened what these days seems to be taken for granted, or rather: what interested parties are trying to make each fellow-homo-insapiens taking for granted - a 'Big Bang'.

  3. Haha The perfect climax to this mash, in more than one way!

  4. My new Avatar is me, stripped bare, revealing (as accurately as I can) what I really am.

    And Big Bang? Big Bounce? Silent Expansion? Complex Illusion? Oh, there are four more chapter headings for you.

  5. Sean - Actually, Andrew's own books have fascinating titles which can lead to romantic and active participation in the Life Science of the Kama Sutra. What do you think of the European Guide of Good Practice and Teach Yourself 101 Key Ideas.? To name but a few...

    Andrew - Tell us more. We're ready for your chapters, to add to Sean's subtle et amoureuse liste. Sadly, I didn't succeed in linking this comment to your Books WebPage. In my estimation, Pirates of the Cell and Vital Principles would belong here too.

    PS- BTW, is shaving a problem? Or don't you bother anymorer, Yul QuiScottie?

  6. Yes Claude, as you can see, I have rather let myself go "back to nature" a bit, but my wife seems to prefer the new me.

  7. Jams,
    things are getting hot ...

    As Henry Miller said: 'Sex is one of the nine reasons for re-incarnation. ... The other eight are unimportant.'

    I do see a Big Bang coming; starngely neither at the (story's) beginning nor at its end.
    May I add you are looking younger than ever. Younger than ever ...

    you suggest a co-production of Life Science and Omnium?
    Who knows? ...