Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Cover Story 0004 - Ch.10

What We Talk About Love When We Talk About Love
Dreams of dreams
Confusion of the feelings

First love, [last rites]
Days of joy

Erogenous zone
Nights of love and laughter
Kama Sutra
The orgy - an idyl
The Siren

Little misunderstanding of no importance

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  1. I'm having a good time here learning about Guiseppe Tomasi. Quite a unique gentleman!

    I hope your lovers reconcile. Is War and Peace a favourite book?

  2. Marcel Proust, not directly about Joy and Love.)!

  3. Hans - That was probably before he lost his time.:))))))

  4. Claude,
    Don Giuseppe Maria Fabrizio Salvatore Stefano Vittorio Tomasi, Principe di Lampedusa, Duca di Palma, Barone di Montechiaro, Barone di Torretta was certainly unique, I suppose. :)

    I appreciate Tolstois work, but no, War and Peace is none of my favourites.

    it's about the titles, not the very books' contents.

    watch the space.

  5. Do you think I could call him Don Buddy?

  6. You could, , it might not be comme il fault, though.