Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday is Skyday

The photo(s) could be taken on any other day, though.

If not explicitly mentioned - lazy as I am - what you see will always be the sky over Seanhenge.

Balcony view, looking southeast.
Nah, the cherry-tree does not reach the sky, yet.

Neither does the tree mutate every two minutes.
... but the formation of clouds.
See the face?
Laughing? Crying? Ranting?
What does he feel?
Relaxed, obviously ...


  1. A fine evening in Seanhenge, it seems. The skies here in Ireland are very beautiful at the moment; I admired them while walking the hound last night. Nice photos, Sean!

  2. That gentleman, in the sky, was posing for you, Sean. Why not? He's seen all over the world, now. Say hello for me if he appears again. I don't think he'll ever travel till here.

  3. I see several faces. Can't help myself! It was a decent day here, and it's a lovely day there. I raise my mug cloudwards to all at Seanhenge, be they residents or readers.

  4. D.E.,
    sun, wind and clouds this summer have been spoiling us, too, by painting beauti- and colourful, dramatic, spectacular pictures, on almost a daily - sometimes even hourly, minutely basis.
    The photos above got taken at about 11 a.m., within but five minutes. For some seconds I thought I was in Ireland. :)

    as soon as we meet again I shall pass your 'hello' to him.

    finding cloudish faces, creatures in the sky is such a fun; and so relaxing.
    Like you I do see several faces, but found it would take too long to describe. And so I focused but on the obvious.
    With almost twelve hours delay raising my mug, too: May your weekend not only become decent, but splendid, my friend.

    his snoring did even create some thunders - hours later ...

  5. Well he was smiling when he passed over me and headed on over to your place. What did you do to make him frown. Or maybe all he wanted was just to stay still for a while, like many of us, instead of being blown around by the fickle winds.

  6. Andrew,
    the latter seems plausible, the more as coming from Scotland looking down to Seanhenge may have a drowsy effect.