Sunday, October 04, 2020

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The Star Diaries

Stanislaw Lem (12 September 1921 – 27 March 2006) 


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    1. Hm, if you gave him a chance you might not regret. "Solaris" is probably his most popular book.

    2. The title did ring a faint bell of some recognition deep in the darkness of my tired wet brain, but the name did not. The last time I read a book in full was several years ago (Buzz Aldrin's autobiography), yet I do read thousands of words each day, online and in newspapers, though much of it scientific papers that I am being paid to interpret. With any individual offering, however, my patience usually runs out after about 1000 words. I have seen so many non-fiction books spun out to be book length when a mere ten thousand words would have done the job better. Don't let Prof T. see that comment, for he may drop dead at the outrage. Novels, of course, are different, for they are meant to entertain for some hours, but they just do not get a hold of me any more. I am an old, tired, cynical, dull and dreary mind now, so often finding sleep the better place that wakening, sadly. I wish that were different, as I watch my wife consume about two novels each week. She finds me very odd. Goodnight.

    3. Ah, and I thought, when following the links you might get intrigued.
      I think, by the way, I understand you quite well. For almost three decades except for holidays, after long days filled with reading and writing, I read but short stories. Well, and Tetrapilotomos would find you not at all odd, but rather would call you a man after his own heart. I have not even seen him listening to or reading the news, recently; completely focused on proof-reading the 1669 pages of his opus magnum "Pre-Assyrian Philately in a Nutshell" he is.