Thursday, October 08, 2020

Beers & Books XII

When published in 1978,
according to the Donegal Democrat
the book was "a shocking libel
on the people of Donegal".

Patrick McGinley *1937


  1. When I see 'shocking libel' labels about a book I immediately wonder how much is true - and assume that considerable amounts are or the book would have been removed from publication.

    1. Will a book sell, or not? That counts. Not the amount of truth, the more in times of 'alternative facts' and 'alternative truths'.
      To remove a book from publication would be censorship. And what kind of books are the first to be censored in certain states?
      As Heine wrote in his 1832 tragedy 'Almanso': "Where one burns books, one ultimately burns people."
      We had and still have that. So, no. No censorship. Enough that too many people do have scissors in their head.