Thursday, October 15, 2020

Getting autumnal

Everything harvested
but the kale and lots of physalis.

Flowers start withering,

and trees changing their colours.



  1. Autumn looks nice but often makes me feel very sad. I need to tackle that. I will try to see it as a metaphor for saying goodbye to the past while preparing for the opportunities of renewal and restarting. Oh, I feel ever so slightly more cheerful already... Time for my evening walk, hopefully pondering plans rather than pessimisms (to be followed by my small dose of evening medicine from Dr. Innis & Professor Gunn).

    1. I take the seasons as they come; just a bit longer lasting than morning, afternoon, evening and night.
      Had I to wait three months for a small dose of medicine, would make me feel very sad, too.

  2. I do love autumn (particularly for the relief it offers from our summer heat). The arboreal fireworks are always a delight and a little later when the leaves have gone I enjoy the delicate filigree of bare branches against the sky.
    Being able to snuggle into bed is another winner.
    Much as I am enjoying our Spring I am also grateful to see my other favourite season from your side of the world.

  3. Two years ago, during the Frankfurt bookfair, I almost got sunburnt. This year's October is a bit cooler, and it rains more. Anyway, snuggling into bed is always a winner.