Friday, October 30, 2020

Beers & Books XXV


The Romantic Dogs

Roberto Bolaño (28 April 1953 – 15 July 2003)


  1. Ah... "boondoggle": INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN. Noun -
    an unnecessary, wasteful, or fraudulent project. Verb -
    spend money or time on unnecessary, wasteful, or fraudulent projects.

    Sad to say I have done a fair bit of boondoggling in my time, indeed perhaps most of my life; but I have never tasted the beer (or read the book, obviously).

    1. Yep, I read that, too, but at least there is a "dog" in the boondoggle, so it could go with "The Romantic Dogs".
      You should not feel sad to say what you wrote. Sometimes I do so, myself.
      But then, unless "boondoggling" now and then, my life might have been easier, but probably less interesting.
      Let's raise our glasses: Sean is dead. Long live Sean!

    2. My glass is empty, sadly (long live my full glass).

    3. I wonder who is to be named the next greatest living Scot.

    4. Whoever it is it will not be the quiet and relatively unknown person who deserves the accolade. No disrespect to Shirr Shhean, but if he was really the greatest living Scot, until today, then heavens help us.