Monday, October 05, 2020

Beers & Books XI

Although it is most unlikely they do exist,
to all those who happen to not being
in possession of the master's complete œvre:
Saddle your ponies, folks, and hurry up.
The friendly, most well-educated
and -sorted bookseller just round the corner
will be happy to fill the gaps of your education
and in your bookshelf.

Flann O'Brien (5 October 1911 – 1 April 1966)


  1. Although, until encountering this blog, I had never... (ach, best I just stop revealing my ignorance)... What have I been doing with my time on this Earth? Too late for catch-up now (for each of us, I suspect, reciprocally and vice-versa and in chirality, even...

    1. Dear Andrew, as Sergeant McCruiskeen stated in "The Third Policeman", Omnium is the essential inherent interior essence which is hidden in the root of the kernel of everything.
      And still there is always something to learn: In this very case a word that sounds familiar to any admirer of chivalry: "chirality".
      Had I not posted this post, ah! and had serendipity not let stumble us upon eachother more than a dozen years ago, I might never have come to read let alone to repeat ten letters in this very order: c h i r a l i t y.
      Thank you!

  2. There are indeed gaps in my library. Filling them is a work in progress. A work I hope to continue to my dying day.

    1. I wish you many many years in the wonderful realm of letters, Sue.

  3. love the banter between you two - have you really never met each other?

    1. Ha ha, glad you do and let us know, Mark.
      No, we have not met, yet, but it would be nice to meet before moving to our last dwelling six feet under.
      Of course, to make sure to have a long life, we might drag our feet for a few decades to come. ;-)

  4. I owe it to beloved friend Shaun Downey to own 3 Flann O'Brien.One (The Third Policeman) he sent himself with his best wishes and signature. I miraculously found the other two: "The Poor Mouth" and "The Best Of Myles" at a used bookstore, near home. Not really easy to get Flann O'Brian at the corner shop, Sean.

    And now a few tears.....I learned so much, with all of you, in those long ago years. And I miss dreadfully our sublime poetry writing!