Monday, July 26, 2010

Afghan War Diary

[...] close to 92,000 classified documents pertaining to the war in Afghanistan have been leaked. SPIEGEL, the New York Times and the Guardian have analyzed the raft of mostly classified documents. The war logs expose the true scale of the Western military deployment [...]

I see no need to add any personal note - at this point ...


  1. It's a fascinating story, and The Guardian's coverage has particularly impressed me. Assange and Wikileaks will surely leave a few (figurative) casualties in their wake, but it will be as nothing compared to the (actual) casualties they've exposed and will keep exposing.

  2. Just discovering through those notes that three Canadian soldiers were killed by friendly fire..

    FRIENDLY FIRE????? What does it mean? They were shot in a friendly manner? Instead of with anger as if they had been talibans? The fact was hidden, of course. Good for the families to learn that...."Sorry to tell you your son was killed. BTW, he was killed by friends, not by the ennemies." RIP, soldiers. What a waste of three human beings!

    Maudite chienne de guerre! Sorry, Sean. But this really got to me.

  3. It's even worse. It was FOUR soldiers! One would have been too much. And now, it's denial upon denial in my country. And the question remains. Why is my peaceful, unimportant little country involved in those horrors? And why don't we get out right NOW?

  4. Stan,
    fascinating, indeed.
    And the Guardian this time obviously did a better job than the Spiegel.
    More interested than what has been leaked/revealed I am to learn:
    Whodunnit? Who ordered/allowed to do it? Cui bono?
    It will be interesting to follow the 'whole thing'.

    those who like George S. Patton 'do like to see arms and legs fly' are masters when it comes to pervert language.
    As for your questions: Your Prime Minister might have an answer. However ... (see above)

  5. I'm sure you know that I speak to my Prime Minister. His answer is that he didn't get us there and he will get us out in 2011. Even though the Hope-Change-Peace USA President keeps sending his Secretary of State to Ottawa to "force" us to remain longer in that war. I will be very active in our next elections to remind Ottawa that the people of my country want OUT. We're gathering a huge number of petitions. Canadians are low keyed but VERY stubborn. With a minority government, our Prime Minister doesn't have much of a choice.

    Patton was a sadistic soldier. There are some. But most of the soldiers I met (including my brother) hated useless wars where young people kill one another in self defense.

    You could quote him anytime, Sean. He told me (about the often justified WW2): "A war is justified until you're on a battlefield, and you have to kill the decent soldier in front of you so that he doesn't kill you." The fact that Hitler was a madman who had to be stopped never made my brother feel like a hero for liberating France by killing some Germans whose country he loved, admired and respected.

  6. Of course, it's my brother that you could quote anytime. Not sadistic, amoral Patton. My brother's name is Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Marcel Prévost, BA, BCL. He was Commandant du Régiment de Maisonneuve and Queen Councillor when he died. The most peaceful soldier and honest lawyer you could ever meet.

    He told me once, Si vis pacem, para bellum. And he was always well prepared, ready to fight for his country (if need be) and justice (when rights were violated.)

  7. I finally put it, Sean. And I'll leave it this time. Thank you for the space.:)