Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just to cool myself down


  1. I see little glow lights and the beams from Andrew's spaceship in the last picture. It looks like you are going to be beamed up!

  2. He already has been Chere Pie, he just doesn't know it. Memories can be cleaned. Best that he is unaware of what use was made of him.

  3. Are you sure it wouldn't benefit mankind to know??

  4. All in good time CP. There is a schedule to these things. At present we are still in the "let them think you're just joking" phase, just to soften minds up and prepare them for the slow realisation that the joke is not a joke at all... (The people of Earth are known as womankind in the wider universe, by the way, not mankind).

  5. Dear Sean :) - Merci de tout coeur. You were truly inspired! Exactly what humankind needed to see. I intend to sleep in that snow tonight. I'm sure your wellfed birds will sing me a lullabye. How lovely to be awaken by your scintillating sunray.

  6. Ah just the ticket for a summer's day.. Stilll if it were snowing I would be grousing!

  7. Is it hot there? We've been having a brutal heat wave! I would love a run in some snow right now.

  8. when I worked in Dubai I was dreaming about snow

    home for a holiday in winter cured me of that nonsense

    hot is good, cold is the grave


  9. Still, I prefer the heat to the white rubbish...


  10. It's been hot here too but I froze so badly this spring I'll just keep quiet and stick my head in the freezer now and then ...

  11. CherryPie,
    as you mention it, something seems to start dawning to me.
    Apart from this, I'd love someone to beam me up ...

    does this also hold for elephants? I ask, as it is said I do have an elephant's memory.

    if all this has happened, by now, I'd call above photos magic. :)

    everything at its time. What about an ice-cream instead of snow?

    very hot, indeed. And no rain for weeks, so that our (rain-)water barrels are almost empty.
    There have been some thunderstorms recently which caused lots of damage - even in our area - but this very village got spared. So, thanks for that, but I am longing for a nice soft steady rain - preferable at night.

    JD & Bertus,
    although like you I do prefer warmth to cold, luckily I don't suffer either when it's hot or cold.
    However, I am thinking of our tomatoes, paprika, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots etc., well and of all the other plants and flowers: They need rain!

    that's the spirit!
    Oh, and thinking of your head in the freezer I shall have a nice refreshing shower, right now.