Sunday, July 04, 2010

Don't cry for me, Argentina ...


  1. Well done, Germany. Go for it. Hip, hip, hurra! Prost!

  2. Some may think you're also having a go at England. Perish the thought!

  3. God for Germany. I wonder if we will see a Germany Holland final. Given that I have a lot of family west of Venlo I will be rooting for the boys in Orange!

  4. breathe a sigh of relief....
    Diego Maradona will not be running naked through the streets of Buenos Aires as he promised he would if Argentina won el Mundial

  5. Jams o'Donnell said "God for Germany", which prompts two thoughts:

    What would be his best position?

    Wouldn't it be a little bit unfair?

    Anyway, they already have Klose, who seems Close enough to footballing divinity without calling on God.

  6. Well since the "hand of God" gave Argentina the edge on a previous occasion, maybe is is Germany's turn?

  7. Claudia,
    If they're able to repeat such performances like against England and Argentinia they have a chance.

    Ah, Calum,
    never would occur such thought to me. After all, Britannia rules the ball, hm? :)

    I would not mind any of the remaining teams to win the cup - as long as they are better.

    well, once he does not make it into the headlines anymore, he might do it for other reasons ...

    ahem. I am sorry to say that Klose before a game is crossing himself.

    I'd find disgusting if the Germans won the cup, because they had a bloody lying cheater in their team.