Friday, July 02, 2010

Full age attained

Yesterday, around midnight I suddenly thought of that my father who - exactly four months after my mother - died 21 years ago, and I now have attained full age: he as a dead, I as an orphan.

'Oh, how disrespectful!'


Anyway, the corners of our mouths enjoyed a jocund expedition to the ear-lobes.


  1. Sean, not at all disrespectful. In fact, the very opposite.

    You've reminded me that I'm approaching early middle age in these stakes.

    My mouth moved too.


  2. Bravo! Great that you're happy to have reached your full age. I'm at a further stage. And do you know what? It's a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Maybe it's because of the way I feel when I visit Seanhenge. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your land.:)

  3. Calum,
    thank you.
    Not that I'd think of my parents on a weekly or even daily basis, but there are so many memories of this and that tiny episode taht I remmeber as if they occurred yesterday that I found and find amazing (if that's the right word) that by now they are dead as long as I lived under their roof.
    And you Calum? I understand that you were younger when your parents died.
    It's good when one can smile when thinking of one's (dead) parents.

    well, full(y) aged I am; glad, though, that a part of mine is still a child - and hopefully will be until my last breath.