Monday, July 19, 2010

La Mer


  1. Didn't understand a single word - well only a few - but that didn't matter.

    Thanks, Sean.

  2. Merveilleux, Sean! Even if the end of the song is missing. A splendid poem!


  3. Calum,
    all I can say, the lyrics are impressive. As my ability to translate French into English does not lack of incompetence, I trust on that Claude will read this and do my job. :)
    Anyway, sometimes one does not need to exactly understand the words ...

    Glad you enjoyed.

    compared to the average lyrics: certainly.

    I posted this spontaneously last night, not being aware of that three verses would be defrauded in this video. :)
    Thanks for the lyrics [although Calum would certainly love to have them in English]. :)
    To make up, I shall post the very chanson.

  4. Claude,
    I knew you would. :)
    Thanks, [not only] in the name of Calum. ...

  5. I won't give up. But this is much more difficult than I thought it would be. I understand everything instantly but it's very esoteric. Many expressions are deeply parts of the cultural background and lifestyle, and it's hard to transmit this in English without annotations.

    I'm still trying, one verse at a time. And, when I'm satisfied, I'll print it here, one verse at a time. I doubt Calum, and others, will still be interested by the time I'm finished. But I'll do it mostly for Léo Ferré. Nobody has yet succeeded in translating this magnificent poem. And Ferré's own website is hoping someone will do it to honour many requests. We'll see...

    Thanks for asking, Sean.

    1. "And, when I'm satisfied, I'll print it here..."

      The Lady Claude is never satisfied... (16 May 2015...)

  6. Claude,
    either the words flow, or they don't. Just don't feel yourself pushed.