Thursday, July 22, 2010

... and neither in Seanhenge


  1. I´m sure there will be rain soon overthere. We´ve had a few beautiful tropical showers in The Hague, last few days and there will be more rain to come.
    I love this weather as long as it doesn´t turn cold. But for the elderly, like my mother, this is a horrible season.


  2. Ha, Bertus,
    just to let you know it has arrived: a nice soft steady rain.
    Brilliant forecast, my friend. Thank you.
    And off I am again
    picking berries in the rain ...

    More hopefully later.

  3. Our rain has thankfully stopped, but being Scotland, probably not for long.

  4. Dry, hot, humid and dusty in Toronto. It says maybe rain tomorrow. We heard that for weeks...

    As Bertus mentions, quite hard for the elderly, and the very young. I'm glad that some people care, visit isolated seniors and provide for their needs.

  5. Happy for rain falling on your land, Sean.

    Last evening I searched YouTube to listen to the sound of rain. It's not hot in my apartment, of course. I have fans and one air-conditioned room. But as soon as I go out, I can hardly breathe.
    It was lovely to hear the rain and imagine that my city was finally getting washed.

    As soon as the real rain falls, I'll do as Calum.

  6. Ruth,
    I read what you mentioned at Calum's yesterday; 'roads closed and homes and businesses evacuated'. Hope the damage was not too bad for the people concerned.

    a great relief, indeed, not only to hear the sound of rain, but also to see and feel the precious stuff, while at the same time the temperature dropped.
    May you soon be able to enjoy sitting in the rain with a mug of coffee.

  7. We have lots of rain here and lots of grumbling about where has the summer gone.

    I say it will be back but the gardens need the rain ;-)

  8. I was in love with Albert when I was ten years old or thereabouts!!

  9. CherryPie,
    meanwhile - five days later; sorry for once again being late with replying - we have got exactly the amount of rain the garden needed. The cucumbers were even delighted. From but two plants we already harvested two big bowls = 12 glasses of pickles.

    you are welcome.
    And don't touch the new bike too often, will you? :)

    now there's a first difference between you and me. I was never in love with Albert. :)