Wednesday, July 07, 2010

¡Que Viva España!

As I wrote here and there: If the German team plays as fine a football as against England and Argentina, they will have a chance.
I would not mind, though, if the Spanish team won; as long as they play fair and are better.

Well, and tonight the Spanish team was better!

What fascinated me: Seldom I saw such important a match with almost no fouls.

Thus, here we go:



  1. Dearest Sean,

    I have been thinking of you a lot since the world cup began. :)

    Germany started off so brilliantly, giving the Australians a big hiding in the first match.

    Germany has played so skillfully and after Australia was ousted from the competition, I forged my passion and winning desire for Germany. Damn!

    Oh well, I think now I will have to put my money on the Barcelona Big Guns. :)

  2. Both teams were very good. People enjoyed watching the game. As you say, today the Spanish played better. Disappointing but thank you for your gracious way to celebrate Spain. Lively music....

  3. If only my fellow countrymen (and women) could be so gracious in defeat....

    I don't really watch football but from what I saw, both teams played great football.

  4. Ah, Ardent,
    what a pleasure for my eyes.

    Well, for whatever reason against Spain the Germans did not play as well as before. Probably it's true: (often) one can play as well as the opponent allows.
    You put your money on the deserved winner, anyway.

    And when will the Mother of the Orchids put on her blogging hat, again? :)

    Very good both teams were, yes. However, it was rather a good game for connoisseurs of the game. I have watched much more attractive matches, in the past.

    you are very kind, thank you.

    One of my magic words is Fair Play.
    Of course, when playing whatever I always try to win. However, I am convinced that you can enjoy a victory much more when you have learnt or have been taught to be(come) a fair loser; to accept defeats or - why not expressing it positively? - to accept that (on this very day) your opponent was either a bit more lucky or even (just) better.

    Hope you had (are having) a splendid holiday, despite you seem to be getting more of the stuff we'd rather need here: rain.