Wednesday, July 14, 2010

After four weeks drought

Here the rain comes - hopefully without hailstones.


  1. AH I bet it comes as blessed relief too. I know I'm not made for hot weather!

  2. Here in Wexford we didn't have to wait four weeks between showers! Tonight, walking on the beach, there was the most spectacular full rainbow against a gunmetal grey sky; the rain is not unwelcome if it provides beauty such as that...

  3. At long last! Please, send one or two clouds our way. For 3 days, we have been promised rain which didn't fall. In the poor sections of the town, we're making the rounds of isolated older people, and families with very young children, to make sure that they have fans or air conditioners, and drink plenty of fluids. Amazing how little those people know about dehydration consequences. There is plenty of water in the tap! Though I admit the taste is not the best one could wish for, and it never gets cool unless you have ice in it.

    I hope you get much rain for your living plants and animals, Sean :)

  4. We had a veritable downpour this evening. I am sure my patio plants enjoyed it greatly :-)

  5. We've seen lots of rain in the last 10 days or so. Time for it to stop.

  6. Please accept my apologies on behalf of Galway. We have enjoyed much of the planet's rain for the last week. We're not quite ready for blue skies, but when we are, we'll release a few of these industrious clouds.

  7. A great relief, Jams, a great relief. By a whisker, this agnostic would have praised Tlaloc.
    So you are not made for hot weather? And snow is a horror for you?

    trying to make me feel homesick, my friend, hm, by reminding me of one day with 23 rainbows within six or eight hours; not in Wexford, but on Beara Peninsula.
    This time, I confess I did not even think of bows, only of rain. Oh, how wonderful rain can be ...

    certainly I would ... if I could, as we had similar clouds arriving two days earlier and ... no drop would find its way to Seanhenge.

    As so often, I do admire your social commitment. At the same time, it is amazing that so many people would not know that drinking enough is essential, isn't it.

    your patio plants delight's my pleasure. :)

    your farmy was - so to speak - a washout? Hope you did enjoy, nevertheless.

    you are forgiven.
    Even more seriously: When there can be emission trade, why shouldn't there be sun, temperature & rain trade?
    Galway and Seanhenge being the forerunners, now that would be something for the history-books, wouldn't it.
    A sunny weekend to you and yours.

  8. Beautiful dramatic sky! Hope you got some rain!

  9. Knatolee,
    while in some regions houses got unroofed, thankfully we got a very friendly thunderstorm.
    Today we're back to 36°C again. However, as long as the rain-barrels are not empty, the plants and I shall not complain.

  10. Sean - Thanks but I'll transmit your admiration to the groups organisers. They're the ones who deserve it.

  11. I trust rain came in copious amounts as drought is not pleasant for any living organism.