Saturday, April 12, 2008

37 laughable Popes

With the attack of Fort Sumpter, today 147 years ago the American Civil War began.

Exactly 100 years later, thus 47 years ago , Juri Gagarin happened to be the first human earthling in the orbit.

Well, and 375 years ago was the first day of the process Pope(s) versus Galileo Galileo.

And only 37 Popes or 359 years later, 23 years after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, the damned heliocentrist, got rehabilitated, which makes me still laughing. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ah, anybody feeling offended?

So ... err ... No sorry. You see, I am agnostic. Thanks god? :) Oh well, anyway, I am.

... Well, yes :) Science by itself, cannot supply us with an ethic. [Bertrand Russell, 1950]


  1. I describe myself as an agnostic too on the basis that I'm too lazy to be an atheist!

  2. Ha ha, Jams. This is one of the best excuses I've heard, so far.

  3. Agnosticism does indeed have a few points in its favor - as does any religion.

  4. :) Very sophisticated, Lady Janice. I like that.

  5. I can assure you that God, who has always been, still is, and will always be heliocentrist, has nothing at all to do with some Popes lacking gray matters. (Is this how we define stupidity?)

  6. Hm ...
    you can assure me, Claudia? :)

    Did the one you call God tell you he'd be heliocentric? :)

    Apart from nitpicking: It's nice to think if there existed a god he'd have nothing to do with ... stupidity.

  7. I respect your disbelief. But the God I believe in is the Creator. He put the Sun at the center of the Universe right at the beginning. He doesn't really converse with me on this subject but I doubt He will ever change his mind about this. He must have laughed with you when the Popes (after so many years) finally agreed with Galileo Galilei.:)))

  8. Claudia,
    :) isn't it lovely both we respect our opinions?
    Which one of the myriads of suns you believe he put at what center of the Universe right at the beginning? :)

  9. As for stupidity, alas! it's very contagious in the many religious worlds. Deep believers in God have nothing in common with the various writers of senseless dogmas. There is wheat and there is chaff...

    To your good health, Sean.:)

  10. Ha! Ha! I had written this last comment before reading your answer. Let me go and consult Galileo. I'm no astronomer.:))Give me a few weeks to study your question. I'll email my answer. :))

  11. Dear Sean - :)
    Of course, I should have said: the sun is the centre of our solar system. You got me because there is no such thing as a physical center of the universe. I always knew that there's a lot more than little old us in there. My consultant said not to worry. God is omnipresent and omniscient and knows every detail. I'm very patient and I don't mind waiting for other Galileos to tell me exactly where I am in the universe.

    Thank you for the fun, Sean.:))))
    Your blog is a treasure in my own little world.:)