Friday, April 25, 2008

Poison of democracy

The Russian tabloid newspaper that reported President Vladimir Putin was planning to marry an Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast has been shut down.
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Mind you, I am not focusing on Mr. Putin copulating with Angela Merkel, Alina Kabaeva or whomsoever, but on the shutting down of newspapers.

Mind you, I do scorn on hack writers and paparazzi who'd do all to get a photo showing f.e. a sweet tiny ministrant serving the pope.
As long as people would buy such so-called tabloids there is a market, isn't there?

And here we are: As soon as people would not buy them, there would not be any market for tabloids.

Meanwhile: By surpressing freedom of speech Mr. Putin does deserve to be wholeheartedly

Mind you, if I were Mr. Putin I'd not know how to cope with all the / his problems.

P.S. I am glad that Mr. Putin is (not yet) able to shut down this blog. Being one of his poor countrymen, I'd very probably not be as brave a Anna Politkovskaja, but rather singing a song of praise to honour this crooked and dishonest man.

P.P.S. I am not Martin Luther King. But I do have a dream: Mr Putin may fuck whoever erroneosly thinks he is attractive, but not the people of Russia or any other country. Same goes for all Bushs, Cheneys and Khomeinis of this world.


  1. Let me comment, Sean. All right, I've commented. :)

  2. James,
    you put in nine words where others would not be able to put it in 90 sentences.