Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wordy Wednesday IV

'Oh Sean - your Wordy Wednesday is now an institution.'

Of course, I could imagine one of his eyes twinkling when reading my dear friend James' (*) comment on last week's 'Wordy Wednesday'.

* Is it too much to call 'a' blogger your friend? - This, readers, is worth a post of itself, would you agree? :)
As this *idea* came - as most of my ideas - spontaneously - it would not be suprising, had you to remind me of this; in case you are interested in my thoughts/convictions. :)

Anyway, here's Wordy Wednesday IV. And again I do hope you will enjoy; and again I do ask you to leave comments on those posts you like (or dislike), 'cause (your) comments are the salt in the soup of any post. :)

Prodicus can be sure that I shall pinch this very post, but before doing so it's my pleasure linking to his site.
No, I do not agree to every detail he is posting about, but he's what I do call 'unique'.
In order to preparing you for what you are going to read:

I read the first part to Mrs. J, then stopped as if it were the end.
Her one word-comment: 'Impressive.'
Then I added the rest.
Mrs J: 'Sean, it's good to know you have an alibi. This would have been very embarrassing for me and the whole family.'
I, myself: Laughing and laughing and laughing.

Now you know a little more about my sense of humour, let's get a bit serious:
The Old Brit about a man I once (around 1990) tended to 'admire', until I started to learn that he has his personal Blairney stone (not to mix up with the Blarney Stone): Tony Blair.

Call me lazy: But here is another one by the Old Brit.

Ah, Ben Hur, ah Soylent Green; and despite I could go on praising the actor: here is the title I call the best of this week, made by Colin Campbell your host at the Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe. :)

No poem today? No. But a painting - by Fabian Perez**. Which one? Ah, difficult to decide. Actually, I should like to show you four. But as a copy of Dali's 'Girl in the window' (the fifth painting when you are scrolling) is hanging in our front building - I chose this one:

** Hat tip Sandra Singh at Internation Musings.

Remains a question to myself, tonight: Am I playing with Death, or is Death playing with me?

The Peace of the Night.


  1. Dear Sean,
    Shall I make a comment in lovely highschule Deutsch..))

  2. Excellent Wednesday, Sean. You are getting right into the swing of it. I loved the works of Fabian Perez.
    Now the peace of the night to me.

  3. Glad to know that you like the 'Old Brit'.

    I visit the 'Old Brit' and 'Postman Patel' regularly.

    Like you Sean, I once thought that Tony Blair was admirable, but not any more.

    Someone once made a comparison ... that nominating Tony Blair as a Peace Broker to the Middle East is like nominating a mosquito to find a cure for malaria.

  4. Hans,
    Mark van Bommel hat schon wieder Rot gesehen. :)))

    this deserves a litotes: You are not wrong there. :)

    you are very kind. :)
    Glad you liked Fabian's gallery.

    Oh well, and your last sentence gave me a big smile. :)

    interesting to learn you are also visiting these two. :)
    A mosquito would definitively be not amused being compared to Tony Blair. :)

  5. Sean, thanks for putting me on to some great new blogs (new to me that is...)

  6. Good hint, Chris. Thanks. Would you pay 86.000 for a Vettriano? :)

    Thanks for this feedback, Jams. I wonder who's 'a new great blog' for you?

  7. Perez is a fabulous painter - love his works a great deal.
    Always enjoy your picks and usually end up 6 or 7 blogs deep before sighing and logging off :)

  8. Lady Janice,
    I 'knew' you'd like the painting(s). And, although I perhaps should, I am not unhappy my picks are able to keep you from your work. :)
    Thanks a lot, and an inspiring week to you.