Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wordy Wednesday V

To start at the end. You will not only enjoy a good laughter; you might even be able to imagine why I'd call Wordy Wednesday what others f.e. call blogfocus.

And now for something completely different: The beginning.

Thanks a lot to all of you who are visiting me and leaving comments these days, despite of that I am 'lazier' than ever, myself. I do appreciate your patience and kindness very much.
Oh it is a difficult thing to do indeed...knowing what the right way to respond to a problem. For first there has to be a problem...and just how the heck does one define a problem or even decide what the problem of the problem is? And then there is the ball of wax that comes from fixing the problem and making a new problem.
As if the lady had written this sentence just for me. :)
I haven't read many of her meanderings and blatherings, yet, but after this I am quite sure I will.

Surely it will happen to you, too: Someone, by painting with letters, creates a picture that from now on will be exhibited in the gallery of your mind - and from time to time you can't but must enter this room and contemplate this very picture.
The wonderful jmb - It will be fine! It will be fine! It will be fine! :) - in March 'painted' one of these pictures in my mind-gallery:
[...] He is still a good looking old fellow, with a full head of the most wonderful grey hair, now below his ears and curling a little at the ends. When I spoke to him his face lit up, although he has no idea who I am and he really can't speak now, just makes noises. He has the attention span of a flea, so after a moment he wheeled off leaving me standing there. I watched him go, thinking about the university professor of Pharmacy that he once had been and whom I met at the Faculty 46 years ago. Luckily he has never lost his wonderful disposition, as so many do with this terrible disease, and for that I am very grateful because the caregivers all like him and he is relatively easy to take care of. [...]
And now let me introduce two bloggers to you who recently gave me their placet to add them to my seldom borings. :)

What to choose from Gracchi at Westminster Wisdom? One of his film- or book-reviews?
No, I'd rather commend one of his recent posts where you will find what I do like about Gracchi's style: He's moderate in tone, and at the same time often thought-provoking, as when f.e. asking
Why Tibet? Why Palestine? The Rational Choices of Protest
And now, what shall I say ... err ... write in order to properly explain what I do appreciate about Mr. Deogolwulf? His up till now 236 'fewtrils'? His widening my horizon? Oh well, is it enough when I tell you that I intend to discover him / his blog by reading his postings chronological, from the very first in May 2005? - Ah, end of the eulogy! :)
Enjoy The Joy of Curmudgeonry.
Hm, and herewith we are back at the beginning where I promised you a good laughter at the end of this Wordy Wednesday.

Originally I intended to quote the essential passages, but now I am hesitating, as I fear I might divulge too much.
In order to increase your suspense let me just say: James claims it is his 'best post yet'.

Time for me to put my head on the pillow
and listen to the silence.

The Peace of the Night. :)


  1. Much obliged. If you're going to read my archive, I might have to spruce up the formatting - which went wonky when I switched to the new blogger.

  2. Thanks for the kind words and the link Sean, which made me discover that the image has disappeared from the original post! Grrr.

    I will definitely be exploring the Joy of Curmudgeonry. It sounds right up my alley, as they say.

  3. James,
    thank you. I need it.

    you are very welcome. As for your archive, so far I did not have any trouble by reading your older postings.

    so glad to see you back so soon.
    Vanishing images are quite a phenomenon.
    The menus served by Mr. Deogowulf are nice food for the brain. Thus, bon appétit.