Saturday, April 05, 2008

China feels insulted ha ha ha

China Tuesday criticized a British newspaper's report that linked the Beijing Olympics with the Berlin Games of 1936, saying the story is an insult to Chinese citizens and to the people of the world.

Well, Tetrapilotomos and I, both people of the world, would not feel insulted, at all; due last not least to following old saying:
Those who feel insulted by others,
confess to their mental inferiority.

It's, by the way, a Chinese saying.


  1. I did not understand the insult.

    I thought that every country that hosted or will host the Olympic Games in the future does so for recognition and Accolades?

    Why else would one bother?

  2. Well, some people think like Hitler in 1936, the Chinese will use the opportunity for a gigantic propaganda show - demonstrating how peace-loving they are while ...
    ... well, one example you found in the following posts.