Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good for bilateral relations

Berlin police have found a body that is probably* that of a missing Russian artist who had been condemned by the Orthodox Church for an exhibit in her homeland. The death was an apparent suicide, police said Friday.

Anna Mikhalchuk, [unfortunately not English entry, yet - sj] who moved to Berlin in November, has been missing for three weeks. She created a stir in Russia with an 2003 exhibition that the church considered blasphemous, and was tried and acquitted by a Moscow court on charges of inciting religious hatred.
To be continued here.

Apparently!! I see.

In German - although most Germans would not know :) - there is a big difference between scheinbar (only looks like being true/a fact) and anscheinend (it looks very much like; thus seems quite probable).

This allows the conclusion: Apparently Anna Politkovskaja committed suicide by shooting herself into her back.

Thanks for having me.

* Meanwhile according to Spiegel online (German edition), Anna Mikhalchuk has been identified by her husband, the Russian philosopher and author, Mikhail Ryklin.


  1. I see, said the blind man or woman actually.

  2. jmb,
    and most of those who are not blind could not see it, as this 'minor incident' did not 'make it' into the TV-news.

  3. This was not reported in any of the Australian Media.

    Freedom of Speech has become an illusion.

  4. Ardent,
    as the flood of 'news' is such gigantic that as an editor you seemingly just can't but have to 'neglect' 99 percent of what is landing 'on your desk' it is no wonder that you would not read in Australian newspapers - the more as only a few German media covered the news as an also-ran.