Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Literary Wednesday

On Shakespeare's 444th birthday and
the 392nd anniversary of either his death
and the death of Cervantes
just to wish a very special literary Wednesday.

It's also the (International) Day of the book?

Well, yes. But isn't every day a day of the book?
At least it should be.

instead of writing or weeding,
now I go on reading ...

The Dilemmas of an Upright Man: Max Planck* and the Fortunes of German Science

* today is his 150th birthday


  1. That's some serious reading Sean. I'm afraid I'm not much of a scientist, but I am a good reader. So, if yesterday was the International Day of the Book, what was I reading? Alan Bennett's "The Uncommon Reader" (brilliant), and dipping back into a biography of Peter Cook. But happy birthday to Max Planck. I did at least follow your link to find out more. You can learn a great deal from other people's blogs.

  2. Action packed day indeed for remembrance, although you did omit the one everyone else is feting today.

    Now reading tops everything and weeding is way down the list.

  3. I wonder if he'd have been as famous as a musician. Interesting that the scientific mind controlled the artistic mind in his case.
    I took an online university course a few years ago in Cosmology that covered quite a bit of quantum physics - it was one of the most fascinating courses I ever ventured into.

  4. Margie,
    in so far as the primary meaning of scientia used to be 'knowledge', both we might be at least friends of knowledge, thus philoscientists.
    Given we are, I'd rather than entirely agreeing with Socrates (Scio ut nescio/I know that I know nothing), agree with you: There are quite a few blogs offering the chance of widening one's horizon.

    I didn't omit St. George's Day (see at James), but prefered focusing on what's dearer to me: literature.
    As for weeding: Although down the list, the necessity of weeding brings me down onto my knees.

    it's not seldom that scientist are gifted in the fine arts. And sometimes (I happen to meet one) they'd be even able to combine both talents.
    As for Cosmology, to cut it short I shall rather tame my fingers and only say: It's fantastic to have a astro-physician in one's family. Glad you are fascinated, too.

  5. Agreed Sean Eveery day should be international day of the book. Every Friday should be Flann O'Brian day of course.

    I didnt realise it was Max Planck's anniversary but then my area was mammalian physiology...

  6. Jams,
    a 'venial sin' not to 'realize it was M.P's. anniversary as, if I did not overlook it there does no exist a Max-Planck Institute (MPI) for Mammalian Physiology.
    Perhaps they did not find the proper Director, yet? :)

    As for 'every day' and 'Friday': D'accord! :)

    and if he just allowed the Earl to use his name as a nom de plume: He was great, wasn't he?