Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The motto these days

Holding my tongue
without blowing my top.


  1. Now what has you all in a lather these days Sean? That sounds like a very unstable situation there. I hope it is some outside situation and not Mrs J who is exasperating you. Of course not, perish the thought.

  2. Perhaps a little venting will prevent an explosion... or a good stiff scotch.

  3. You can only hold your tongue for so long, Sean.
    If a situation is making you unhappy, I just want you to know that I am on your side!
    Whatever it is!

  4. I hope things are alright Sean. Sometimes a "controlled release" is the best option!

  5. jmb,
    it is, indeed, a very 'inside situation' - it's all inside me.
    I am a bit impatient with myself, f.e. with the fact that I can't write down my thoughts as precisely and fast in English as I wish.
    More in a separate post - in case I do find the proper words. :)

    As for the other thought: It's perished. :))

    Ah, jmb, you are lovely.

    :) already writing this seven-words -post was a 'little venting'. As for your second advice: A good drop of Whisk(e)y is either a promise and a reward.

    being only 'unhappy' - which is not the right word - with myself makes it easier to write the following: Your unquestioning / unconditioned support makes me feel very very good.
    After all, I might not deserve it?

    :) Thanks a lot.

    what Janice called 'a little venting will prevent an explosion', you call a 'controlled release'.
    Ah, if you could see me smiling.
    Once I used to call what you are proposing 'to controlled (!) letting out my inner Mr. Hyde'.
    Most of all I appreciated your first sentence. Thanks a lot, my friend.

  6. My dear Hans,
    of course, it's impossible for you. You are a Dutch. :)))

  7. Leads inevitably to the lip being blown off, Sean. Letting steam release from sidevalves might be a safer bet.