Monday, April 21, 2008

Just a thought on relativity

If China - in order to help all their friends - sent one million soldiers, respectively, to protect human rights in each member country of the 'United' Nations, i.e. 196 million soldiers, there would still remain about 1,2 billion Chinese to enjoy human rights in China.

If the U.S.A. did the same today, there would remain about 107 million people in the country.
Well, plus one million Chinese protectors.

If England, France and Germany tried to do so in a concerted action, there would remain three million Chinese protectors of human rights, one million in each country.


  1. Australia has a population of just over 20 million.

    So I could not understand that when Kevin Rudd (our Prime Minister) was in China recently, he courageously bought up the issue of Tibet. Chinese officials responded that "Tibetans are now enjoying democracy and wonderful human rights." Who are we to argue???? How can an ant dictate terms to an elephant?

    China is Australia’s biggest trading partner and I would think that further tensions or any disrespect is not necessary when commodity prices are spiraling.

    Australia needs to focus on its own back yard.

  2. On a lighter note Sean, every time the World Cup is played, my husband shakes his head and says that 'China ought to be ashamed! Over a billion people and they can't select a winning soccer team!'
    What does that say on an international level? Is it numbers or skill and maneuvers?

  3. Those are staggering statistics. No wonder anything the rest of the world says has little bearing on China - they're a world unto themselves.

  4. How about 200 million soldiers along the Karakoram Highway, through Kashmir, over the Tigris and Euphrates and into Israel near the hill of Har Megiddon?

  5. It's so hard to imagine these numbers in reality. We live in this huge country with only 33 million total.
    One day they will rule the world.

  6. Fascinating statistics Sean. However I can't help thinking that for states like Vanuatu, San Marino and the Seychelles, a milion peacekeepers might be slight overkill!

  7. Ardent,
    take this for both the serious part and the lighter not: Football means eleven vs. eleven ...

    yes; as long as they keep staying in their 'own world'.

    as an alternative or as an additional option?

    possibly but not necessarily.
    Canada will face a few more dangers: quite a few powers are highly interested in the ressources covered by melting ice.

    quite. There'd probably be an asymmetrical distribution.

  8. I meant the Chinese, not the Canadians. So confusing those people who know what they mean but don't say it/write it clearly.:)

  9. jmb,
    thanks for reminding me of that sometimes less is not more.
    This gave me a huge smile, as I think it was rather me who irritated you.
    You see, I did understand very well. Probably I should have added seven words, f.e. 'Possibly the Chinese once will rule in Canada, but not necessarily.'