Sunday, May 24, 2009

Abraham Kuyper Neglected Titan ...

... is the latest article at Westminster Wisdom.

Why would I mention this?

Well, I think it could be particularly interesting for my Dutch readers to read this and his previous articles (and comment upon), and - it's an opportunity to commend Gracchi's blog especially to cineasts and those who are interested in history / politics.

Ah, and did I mention Livi? :)


  1. I had never heard of his as Gracchi fully expects!

  2. Thanks fot the link Sean. I'll read the blog later on.

    Indeed Kuyper and his "mannenbroeders" put a very heavy stamp on Dutch politics and society. As a theologian he is revered in the United States (Princeton University) and by present day Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende, one of those would be great politicians Europe is counting these days.

    There are parallels between Kuyper's thinking and modern day moderate islamism.

    He was an orthodox religious conservative and a strong anti-liberal and anti-socialist.
    His "freedom of education" resulted not just in the official recognition of christian schools and the so called "Vrije Universiteit" (Free University; to give a stimulus to "christian practice of science", whatever that may be) but also in present day islamic schools (but that was of course beyond Kuyper's scope those days).

    I 'm too busy these days to give a longer comment on Kuyper. Let me just refer you to two links to some satirical prints by Albert Hahn (a great socialist satirist of the day):


  3. Interesting read Sean.
    As my fellow country man, Bertus, already explained, AK and his ARP had an impact on the Dutch socşety at large.
    And Bertus, I studied Philosophy at the VU, creatonism and darwinism hand in hand.)!
    Its all history for me but one thing pops up when talking about AK and his Anti Rev.Party; they seduced me to protest the war in Vı first demonstration was in 1972 when the father of a friend of my drove us to Utrecht to demonstrate against Nixon and the Vietnam war. I was 14 by then....
    Later more.