Monday, May 18, 2009

Wondrous paths ...

Sometimes the paths of thinking are ... wondrous; and not easily are they to describe.

To cut it short: When following the glorious links Stan offered in the comment section to A statue for Gülsüm! suddenly I thought of this woman. Why?

Well, look above. :)

Anyway, here's something to listen and ... think about.


  1. This was a fascinating hour of info.
    Having worked with autistic children some of the information was well-known. However medicine and the world of science has come a long way since those working days and there was much here that gave a more in-depth understanding of Autism and Aspergers.
    Thanks for posting this Sean.

  2. Janice,
    glad you found it fascinating.
    Yes, most people - including myself - would not know much about autism and Asperger's; that's why I offer(ed) the video. It's, of course,'awful' long and not many visitors will (have/take the time to) watch it.
    As said: it's an offer. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I deleted my comment (and the correction of her name) because I felt it didn't say well enough how admirable Temple Grandin is. She prefers solitude, yet, she goes public to discuss what can be achieved with autism and aspergers. It's a great encouragement for parents and children.

    I love her independance and strong will in living her life according to her own tastes in clothes, housing, work and companionship. I'm deeply impressed.

    This is still a very imperfect comment for a "wondrous posting". Thanks, Sean.

  5. Claude,
    you may sometimes, with hindsight, be not 'happy' with this and that what you've written. Same with me.
    Still, isn't for a perfect life imperfectness a conditio sine qua non? :)

    I am glad you are as fascinated as I am. Thank you.

  6. A remarkable personality, indeed.
    Glad you 'stumbled upon this', Ashley.