Friday, May 15, 2009


How sweet the answer Echo makes
To Music at night
When, roused by lute or horn, she wakes,
And far away o'er lawns and lakes
Yet Love hath echoes truer far
And far more sweet
Than e'er, beneath the moonlight's star,
Of horn or lute or soft guitar
The songs repeat.

'Tis when the sigh, - in youth sincere
And only then,
The sigh that's breathed for one to hear -
Is by that one, that only dear
Breathed back again.

Thomas Moore


  1. Could there be a more beautiful setting,
    to hear the echo of one's heart sighing?

    (with apology to Thomas Moore)

    Thank you, Sean.:)

  2. How lovely and tranquil after my busy week :-)

  3. Claudia,
    glad you enjoyed the pic. Although been been taken on top of Monte Baldo (near Malcesine, on the eastside of Lake Garda in Italy), it does, of course, not top the poem. :)

  4. James,
    again? Again?! :) Always!

    What I do not 'love', though, are 'friends' who would - although been explicitly told that by no means I wish to get involved into an 'affair' (to mind the words 'private public crusade') that should be (!) embarrassing for the protagonists - would a) instrumentalise me, b) quit contact and ... about six months later, as if nothing had happened dare to ask me in slightly a postpubertal manner a silly question.

    Sorry, James. An email would have been wiser.
    As said I think the world is big enough to friendly ignore one another. No harm. No anger.
    May - and I do write this without any irony - be peace with you.

    PS - just to make it very clear: There will be no further discussion on this blog!

    If you wish to talk things out - you have my email address.
    In case you choose this way (in a friendly manner) - you are welcome.

    Otherwise: And that was that. :)

    - - -

    This comment will be deleted as soon as I see the addressee has taken notice of it.

  5. CherryPie,
    may tranquility remain with you throughout the weekend. :)

    Glad you enjoyed.

  6. Jams,
    isn't it? There are some more Moore-poems to come until his 230th anniversary.

  7. Mmm I like that - the echo of love...
    A lovely piece.