Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gap is widening

Well, actually it's no news that the gap between rich and poor is widening. Those who have eyes to read, ears to hear and a tiny bit capacity for remembering will know that this 'metapher' in 25 years has become a set phrase, being repeated every now and then.
In so far it's one of those 'news' of which I think with Thoreau a ready wit might have written it a twelve months or twelve years beforehand with sufficient accuracy.

Anyway, for those few on this planet who still consider Germany a land where milk and honey flows.

A new study by a German welfare organization shows that the gap between rich and poor is widening in the country, with the east and northwest lagging clearly behind the south.

Full article here.


  1. Sean,
    A worriesome development since poverty brings also racism and xenophobia with it

  2. Hans,
    You will remember what happened 1992 in Rostock-Lichtenhagen (to give just one example). 'No-go-areas' for foreigners and (obviously) the police, ...
    Gosh, you know about the complexity of the matter, yourself.
    To cut it short: It's said that each democracy has to live with about 15 percent of their people being if not staunch fascists so relatively easy ready to jump on the bandwaggon 'as soon as the time's ripe'.
    In so far, again yes. It's a dangerous development (over 25, 30 years!). Sneaking into all parts of society.

    As mostly, language is a fine seismograph. It's interesting to watch honourable gentle(wo)men wholeheartedly laugh about certain 'jokes'.
    More interesting is to watch their reaction when they are being asked: 'Why are you laughing?'
    It's interesting to see that the few people asking such kind of questions almost always are diagnosed with 'a poor sense of humour'.

    Well, and before moreover getting diagnosed with logorrhoe, here abruptly ends m... :)

  3. Hmm the gap between the richest and poorest here in the UK is at its widest for the last 50 years

  4. Jams,
    if I am not wrong the widening of this very gap is by far the greatest success story in the books of globalisation.

  5. How else do people think capitalism works? For 'you' to be rich many others must be poor, we are able to live with this in the false belief that we too can become one of the elite. When this dream seems too far from reach we seek to blame others, 'people' like the BNP are all too willing to help point fingers. Something needs to change.

  6. you know about the complexity of the matter, yourself
    Sean, indeed, it's complex and there are no simple solutions, although some think there are, exactly those who are rigid in thinking.
    Languages are basic instruments for miscommunication, fortunately, so far, in Europe with over 65 official languages, no official expansion drift by one of them to solve the poverty - rich gap. Maybe the EU is at least good for someting. De facto, that was the origin of the EEG; no more nationalisme. Now more social equality.
    Enjoy the night.)

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  9. I deleted my comment because it didn't express clearly enough the solution I believe is right to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.I will return when I find the right words.

    Meanwhile I will consult with some homeless people whom I'm helping often to find work and shelters. They know far more better than us what they need to boost themselves up. All I can say presently is that it's not government organised permanent welfare provided by tax payers.

    Thank you for your attention.

  10. I think globally that gap is widening. It is one of the things that drive me to work on some of my campaigns.

  11. Yes the gap is widening, it really is, what can i say, what can we do....?


  12. Hans,
    agreed. And many Europeans when complaining do so from quite high a level. Still, those who - despite being well educated and doing good in their job - lost their job and have fallen into this very gap might not feel equal.
    And the more people do only feel equal amongst the have-nots, the greater the the risk of increasing nationalism - with all its risks.

    not everybody might have (entirely) agreed, as your first comment was very thought-provoking. There was no need to delete your first comment, though. I found it very interesting, anyway. Thank you.

    as long as there will be human beings there will (very probably) always exist gaps, and not just materialistic gaps.
    Imagining this widening gap as a bubble it's only a question of time when this bubble will burst; and compared with what then the consequences might be - what currently is happening on the financial sector is but a fart in the wind.

    wish I had a proper answer to your questions.

  13. Sean - Thank you with all my heart. My son agreed with you. :)