Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Kiss

Give me, my love, that billing kiss
I taught you one delicious night

When, turning epicures in bliss,

We tried inventions of delight.'

Thomas Moore

And thus ends my little homage to Thomas Moore on the occasion of his 230th birthday. I wonder though, why he did not choose as title 'The Meeting of the Tongues'.


  1. No better way to celebrate the poet's Anniversary than those delightful lines and the blooming fuchsias. And Rodin, who sculpted the embrace, would agree.

  2. The perfect plant to accompany an Irish poet. When I see fuchsias I think of the gieant hedges in Cork and Kerry

    Oh I think you may like one of teh photos I have used for this week's ohoto hunt. You will guess the book cover in a second!

  3. Claudia,
    amazing coincidence - for a moment I was thinking to choose Rodin's 'Kiss' rather than the fuchsias, but then ... :)

    thanks in the names of poet and fuchsias. :)

    yes! Since I saw those amazing hedges for the first time, there's a very special relationship between fuchsias and me.
    As for the cover: You and Ted should guard it jealously round the clock, as I am planning a trip to England ... :)

    glad you enjoyed.

  4. A delightful homage to Moore - fuchsias are such exquisite flowers.

  5. A wonderful poem!

    Thomas was certainly a creative and randy poet.

  6. Janice,
    thanks in the name of the poet.
    Well, and as for fuchsias: They are indeed a poem of their own.

    not sure if he was 'randy' or just a verbal amorist. :)
    Some of his poems are fine pieces, though.