Thursday, May 14, 2009

A statue for Gülsüm!

A cow in the village of Kadiruşağı in the eastern province of Malatya has been sent to a neighboring village because its owner feared she would be punished for the animal knocking down a statue (of Atatürk; Omnium) in the local schoolyard.

The accident caused the local education department to launch a formal inquiry into the matter, frightening the cow’s owner, Gül Kılınç, who said she had sold the animal, named Gülsüm, to a friend in the neighboring village of İnekpınarı to wait out the inquiry.
[...] "Officials came and took our testimony. Almost every member of the village was questioned"* [...].

* emphasise mine

More about this absolutely shocking incident at Hürriyet.

As Turkishness is unrivalled,
I do fear this cow is a poor sow.

It might be interesting, though, to interview her and the author o
r journalist, Gülsüm might soon share a prison cell with.

Meanwhile, in a poll amongst cows worldwide, 99,98 percent mooed:
"A statue for Gülsüm!

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  1. I think that story is actually called ... Perform the stunt and then blame the cow trick.:)

  2. What a curious tale. I hope it all ends well for Gülsüm - or as well as can be expected for a cow. They lead rich emotional lives.

    If I can be forgiven a link to Twitter, cows (and poetry) were on my mind last night for no clear reason. Maybe I heard the moos from afar.

  3. Stan,
    thanks for the links. Glorious!

    A bit more serious nevertheless fascinating in its own way:
    Did you happen to read "Animals in Translation. Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behaviour" by Temple Grandin?

  4. Sean, I haven't read it but I have heard that it is very interesting.

  5. A cow that derserve adulation but yet I fear her future will be a future of many parts - sirloin, rump, brisket...

  6. Stan,
    thanks for causing my thoughts walking on wondrous paths . :)

    yes, I fear so, too. They just can't tolerate a cow being more intelligent than ...