Friday, May 08, 2009

Blue Diamond

Sometimes ... sometimes ...

Ah, why telling my thoughts in 50 sentences, when after clicking on this tiny picture of an unimposing periwinkle within a second you will know them, anyway.


  1. I can't really guess your thoughts, Sean. But the details of this periwinkle (when seen in an enlarged photo) are breathtaking, and the blue colour (my favourite) is ravishing. Thank you for sharing another flower of your garden.

    I've printed all your photos. And, on Mother's Day, I'm going with my son to visit the Allan Botanical Gardens of Toronto, not only to see live, but also to smell your luxurious flowers.

  2. Jams,
    ... the more when you take the time to look at them closer. Yes!

    my thought - in short - was: Often one would pass something beautiful without taking notice of the beauty one's passing.
    Only when getting closer - so to speak 'enlarging the picture :) - one does sometimes learn to appreciate what before has been hidden to one's eyes / mind / heart.

    Of course ... one can not smell a picture. The more I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Botanic Gardens.

  3. That is a stunning capture Sean. The 'diamond' in the center is amazing. A simple flower yet who knows what beauty until a closer look.

  4. Janice,
    I was stunned myself - and delighted - when seeing it enlarged on the screen.
    And yes, it was a good reminder, again to more often look closer.