Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't eat'em - teach'em

Just back from Chris God-free Morals, who offers a lesson about the Irony of our hypocritical attitude to animals, I am still overwhelmed.

Yes, rather than to eat or ride on them we should help them evolve. It's all about education, isn't it?


  1. French! The fool! Everyone knows that Horses speak Kazakhstani. Fact.

  2. Definitely better to ride... so long as ride is not meant in the "biblical sense"

  3. Kazakhstani it was, Chris? Thanks for plugging this gap of knowledge. :)

    On second thought, though: why riding horses when there are (billions of) bicycles?!

  4. The horse thinks it is a horse and acts like a horse.

    Before teaching the horse french perhaps the man ought to first teach it some existenialist philosphy.:)

  5. Even the pure bred Arabian Horses will never learn to speak. But I can assure you that any horse can learn to hear if you approach it with warmth and patience. And it will answer you with an eloquent "Neigh" which any horse-lover can translate in any language.

    Thank you for the fun.:)