Friday, May 08, 2009

Just to increase my stats

Gardening, flowers, (romantic) poems, 'sweet' songs (of love) ... oh, what a boring apolitic blog Omnium has become - some readers might think...

... perhaps -? :) - not thinking of that everything is politics;

... perhaps - ? :) - not being aware that it is politics saying: I don't care about politics'.

End of the beforegoing.

As everybody knows I am just crazy about my stats. Absolutely crazy. 90 percent of my time I am thinking of my stats. Gosh, Jesus, Allah, Montezuma, Buddha, Venus, all gods I don't mention ... and not to forget the devine head of a dead sardine - care for my stats.

It's why I am linking to billions of blogs, visit each hour millions of them and leave myriads of comments ... such as: Wonderful! Brilliant! Nicely put! Love it! Aww, gorgeous! Amazing! etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum ...

and not to forget: would be sssoooo lovely if you found time to visit my wonderful ... eh humble blog.
Lots of love, Yours ...

End of the beforegoing.

Back to the stats I am such crazy about.
For weeks - ah what am I saying? - for months ! they have been decreasing. And that's only why the watchdogs of Monsanto are obviously thinking 'another idiot's resignating'.

Ah, gentle(wo)men: How could I risk your jobs. Forgive me, please?

You see, I thought it's only fair to give a certain President some days more than one hundred to prove that eloquency which by a credulous majority is easily taken for charisma, can be as dangerous and evil as what an imbecile son of a former evil babbit that managed / was chosen to become President of the most wonderful of all wonderful countries, could ever babble.

End of the beforegoing.

To slowly ... very slowly ... enure readers what might - if I feel like :) - (again) become a topic on at of Omnium - ah those prepositions! -, here's for a very tiny warm-up.

Maybe I am going to feel fancy to ask the most honourable Mr. Obama what he has been doing about those bucking fastards in his country during the past 100 + X days.
May be there will some other questions been asked.

Yes, I can!

Such questions won't change anything, you say?


Quite. But isn't is a pleasure to call liars liars, and greedy bastards greedy bastards?

And now imagine: Those greedy bastards - most of them at least any Sunday showing sanctimoneously presence in the church of their choice ... convert to Islam / Judaism / Buddhism/ Hinduism / start worshipping the head of a dead sardine ...

Now, that would help to save the planet!

The peace of the night.


  1. I must say, this is one of the most honest posts I have seen in your blog for a long time.... :)
    I know what you mean about many things on many levels.... about the stats, about the bucking fastards who are running this country and all the other bucking fastards who are out there walking around with their "autt up their bss".... :)

  2. wow, off your chest Sean.)

  3. Please don't apologize for posting your beautiful flowers, romantic poems, sweet songs...Nothing boring about any of that. I (and many others) enjoy them immensely. Active politics should never consume a person's life, heart and soul. There is a time to revel in each aspect of our human nature.

    I have read Omnium now for over a year. By what I have seen, I doubt very much that you're concerned about stats, and your popularity in the blogging world. I don't think either that you write your posts for approval and admiration, and that you comment on other posts, for those bloggers to pay a return visit.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's perfectly alright that you gave Obama more than one hundred days of performance before to qualify him.

    Sorry but I don't know how to disguise my words, Sean. If any politician is a f..king, dangerous liar, that's what I say.

    Obama had some Monsanto people as top advisers during his electoral campaign. And he picked a Monsanto guy as Head of Agricuture in his new administration. I don't believe that he is very concerned about 'little farmers' in USA and everywhere in the world, and about the dangerous food Monsanto is producing.

    The more you speak about it, the better chance people might wake up, and demand some honest answers from their politicians. Thank you for the links. And always, for the space you provide.

  4. Ah Sean, the Poor Mouth started off with far more political posts. Frankly they bored me stiff after a while. I must do some more of my odd history posts though

  5. Well you know I love your flower posts and photographs. But it is nice to have a mixture of different posts.

  6. Hail to the head of a dead sardine!


  7. Bertus - You kill me! :))))))))) I'm joining the congregation...


  8. Jams - I love your odd history posts. They show that often truth is stranger than fiction.


  9. Sean,
    Re-reading your post this morning, I'll say you have a great gift for self-satire. It reminds me of the poet e.e.cummings who wrote, "Only as long as we can laugh at ourselves are we nobody else."
    Have a great week-end.:)

  10. Excellent post, Sean, with a depressing but necessary link. Why worry about stats, though? It seems to me that the most-read sites are rarely the best ones. And your site has provided me with many hours of insight and poetry, something which is always a pleasure. And I too wish to extend my fealty to The Head of a Dead Sardine (also known as Omniumism?)

  11. Go for it Sean!!!

    Ask yourself Sean, how many people do you know who are familiar with Codex Alimentarius? Or want to know?

    I am tuned to your site.

  12. Nevin,
    ... ahem ... this implicates that my posts for along time have been less honest? :)
    The decreasing stats are just refering to my Monsanto-watchdogs who for the past months have not been 'watching me' which is somehow disappointing :) but, of course, my fault :) as I did not write as often about greed and organised crime for a while.

    yes, my friend, ... and afterwards I felt much better. :)

    thanks for lifting my spirit. :)

    If I intended to increase my stats, I'd know how to let the rocketing. You are right, though - I am not interested.

    Although I doubt what you say in the first sentence of your last paragraph - last not least because of my stats ha ha ha - I sahll certainly speak out whenever I like to, or whenever I think it's time.
    Thanks again for your kind words.

    politics can easily become boring, indeed, the more when one has had the pleasure to intensively study it for several decades. :)
    However, as I adumbrated even the decison to not care / speak / post about poltics is ... politics!

    :) quite! It's always about the right mixture.

    ... ha ha ha

    Claudia - again :) -,
    reading texts - not necessarily mine - twice sometimes let us see them in another light.
    Interesting, hm. :)
    I am glad you read this twice :)

    thank you very much for your kind words, my (neglected) friend; I shall hopefully soon catch up.
    As for the stats, I explained this above.
    As for the head of a dead sardine - I do feel that I am running the risk once to be seen as a missionary. Bertus, Claudia, you - this could easily become the beginning of the next dominating world religion. :)
    What a neologism, D.E.! :)
    Actually, up til now I thought that - if at all - the only ism I'd build a temple for, would be optimism.

    Now I am not so sure, anymore ... :)

    thanks for causing mthe corners of my mouth to start an expedition to the ear-lobes. :)

    As for codex alimentarius: Sure, most people will not know the terminus.
    At the same time I am sure that most if not all people want to drink clean water and to eat 'healthy' food.
    Anyway, yes: We should go for it! :)

  13. Sean... not at all... I am sorry if that is how it came across.... I liked the political edge of this last post... you know me, I like to mingle with politics! :)

    I know, you know, I have huge respect for your style and blogging.... :)

  14. Ha ha ha, dear Nevin,
    will you, please, forgive me? I did fully understand how you meant your words, but I could not resist the chance I saw for nitpicking. :)

  15. Sean, as I said to you last night, more or less, Omnium is invariably inspiring and wholesome regardless of whether its focus is politics, poetry, petals or paraphernalia. Disturbing news stories are a timely antidote to political apathy, but do not doubt the force of flowers!

  16. Stan's last line says it all for me as well. Your blog is always a treat to visit.

  17. Stan, Janice,
    what shall I say?
    Thank you so much for your kind words. May I not forget your advice and henceforth not doubt the force of flowers. :)