Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bye, berries and cherries

most delicious black currants

Josta (cross breed of black currant and gooseberry),

red currants,


and cherries*:

Until next year when (hopefully) there will be some more ... as
we planted some more red&black currants, goose- and blackberries

* No, dear readers, again I did not fall off the ladder. :)


  1. Luscious, tantalizing crop. Hazardous labour. Glad you're safe.:)

    I wouldn't be much help collecting. :))) I don't even think I could watch. Relieved it's over till next year.:)

  2. Sean, you must have such a well organized garden.

    How many cherry trees do you have? I have been told that the cherry trees require cross pollination to produce a crop. Is that correct?

  3. So glad you managed to do the harvest safely :-)

  4. Claudia,
    suppose it would be breathtaking, indeed, to watch me on top of the ladder. :)

    sheer chaos is what you suppose to be well organised. :)

    One huge cherry tree we, and if we would let them all grow there might be 30 morellos; but we let only two grow; well, and one that was so clever to grow in the shadow of the hazelnut trees, of which we have four.
    You are right, like (if I am not wrong) all fruit trees the cherry trees require cross pollination.
    No bees - almost no fruits.
    That is why we were so glad that the bumble bee queens this spring accepted the invitation to reside in Seanhenge.

    guess what I am. :)
    Even more seriously: Thank you.