Saturday, August 22, 2009

Death in a wine glass

Life is bloody short.
Thus let's die long, red and dry.
Rest in peace, green fly.


  1. The gods were sweetly kind to me
    Better die in blaze of glory
    Than be swatted in oblivion
    Without a song, lost and unknown

    Sir Sean, merci / for RIP

  2. That's quite a strange and pretty photo, Sean. And there are worse ways to go, for flies or for people...

  3. What a way to go and such a colourful combination ;-)

  4. Claudia,
    'Sir' Sean bows to the poetess. :)

    I tried to rescue her, but she fought me bravely off.

    welcome back. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday.
    Now don't I like to think of drowning in a cask of my only man, but for sure there are worse ways to go.
    I'd prefer, though, to die in Morpheus' arms.

    Yes! And at the same time - some contemporaries would / will think "What an idiot" :) - I pondered what the fly may have felt, perhaps even thought.
    Did you read Coetzee's "Elisabeth Costello"? In chapter 3 you will find many thoughts (probably) better described than I could.