Saturday, August 08, 2009

Between the Moons

The poetry of earth is never dead:
This does not lack of correctness, Mr Keats.

How cometh?

Poets who took their dwelling six feet under centuries ago, wouldn't write poems, hm?

They have written them. Great poems amongst. Yes. Great poetry.

And, centuries later, generations later still there are people who admire those dead poets' skills, their depth & wisdom, their humour & prudence.

Right so.

And nice. Especially for publishers.
No copyright (owner).
Dead poets wouldn't claim royalties, hm?
All one has to do is to keep them alive - the Novalis, Emerson, Homer, Rumi, Hafis, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Petrarca, Byron, Shelley [did I forget to mention any? ha ha ha].
Great poetry. And cheap, hm?!


I confess:

The authors of the vast majority of books in my shelves are dead.

Strange, isn't it? :) Hm ...

The more glad I am that once - about two years ago by clicking
a link I stumbled upon or - is it more precise to write? - let myself stumble upon a living poet. :)

My first reaction: Interesting.

With hindsight, interesting too: Reading the comments (Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous; ah, so wonderful; ah ... oh ... uh ) let me think of followers worshipping their guru, and thus it needed another coincidence (?) to visit this very blog again, seven or ten months later.

And - step by step - haiga by taiga this ignoramus got more intrigued.

Yes. :)

Sometimes I'd (even) leave a comment.

And yes:

I'd always leave a comment (since) were I able to perpetually invent new superlatives. :)

[Did I ever mention I do not like superlatives? ... Well, when willfully exaggerating ... ]

Come to your mission! I hear some readers think.

Alright! Here we go.
Those who'd know my sidebar will anyway know.

Know that I can't get enough of her (poetry). :)

In case you did not know Janice Thomson, yet, voilà, form your opinion here and here and here.

And? ... Good, hm?

Now, like the hunchbacked and :) dead genius I could say/write:

If you own two trousers
sell one, and
buy this book.

Check your wardrobe! Certainly, there are some more trousers (or skirts) you would not miss when being sold.
Sell them all. Order several books. They'll make some exquisite poetic gifts.
Where to order your books? Here.

And then - enjoy.
Afterwards, I am - almost :) - sure, like me you will be looking forward to Volume II by this very vivid poet / painter / photographer.


  1. It looks a very beautiful book, one to keep on the coffee table :-)

  2. THe cover is beautiful. I'm not sure why I don't visit her logs more often

  3. Oh! I do speak of Keats, Shelley and other dead, loved poets with a certain ease, sometimes even clamouring to know them. But, somehow, there is much shyness addressing a live artist who moves your soul and deeply pleases your eyes with her works. All I ever want to whisper, when I visit Ms.Thomson's blogs, is Merci!

    What a privilege to say it tangibly by getting "Between the Moons."

    You're right, Sean. Not only it will be a joy to own this beautiful book, but also to give it to special friends.

  4. CherryPie,
    ... and now start at what you are expert: campaigning.
    Tell all your friends and colleagues; and if one or two against all reasonable expectations are trying to evade their fate - "We did not waste money for a coffee table!" - I know your reaction:
    "Oh, that's even better, my dear. This enables you to order at least three copies more." :)

    it is, eh? And so are pics and poems.
    Just check her blogs, and you will know why I do appreciate the lady's art.

    glad you like what you see, and share my thought.
    Ordering some copies more now, additionally bears the immense advantage that we get away from all hectic when Christmas shopping is / would be upon us. :)

  5. My copy arrived a couple of days ago too.
    It is a charming little jewel and I'm glad I found Janice to brighten my day with her artwork and her gentle words

  6. jmb,
    now, I shall take your comment for further reminders. :)

    By the way, the very first click mentioned above, I made on your site.
    Thus, thanks to you, too.

  7. Ahh! a challenge for me ;-)

    I will start with my blog, my friends read that :-)

  8. Ha, CherryPie,
    I knew this would be challenging you.
    Even more seriously: Did I ever tell you are lovely? :)

  9. Many thanks for the wonderful comments and special thanks to you Sean for posting about the book. :)

  10. Janice,
    welcome back from your blogging hiatus, and: You are welcome. The pleasure is mine.
    Even greater it will be(come), if wonderful comments will be followed by at least (!) as wonderful an amount of orders. :)
    Fingers crossed!