Monday, August 03, 2009

In between

Time flies.
It's exactly one month ago that I commented on this post by Nevin:
"The tiniest aliments are enough
to prove that most members
of the so-called stronger sex actually are wimps.

I know this, 'cause I am a ... man."

Some days later, for almost one week my back kept telling me that I had obviously done something silly for a man in my age - still can't imagine, what :) - hardly couldn't move, and even when sitting moveless my back hurt.

And, just I had started to again enjoy the pleasure one ought to feel when nothing causes pain, one morning I woke up and - walking was great fun.
Checking the sole of my left foot I detected a knob.
Fortunately, after four or five lousy days it had disappeared, and (almost) everything was fine again.
Trying to think of a reason for this knob, I remembered that one day (when picking cherries) I had for hours been standing on the ladder.

Well, and right now, whilst sitting here with prettily scratched forearms (all the thanks I got for weeding and putting mown grass around the sunflowers and courgettes), I am glad that my all over pricked colourful shinbones are not asking for an extensive scratch.

So much for wimps.

This afternoon, reading the advance reading copy of Roberto Bolaño's "2666" which Hanser will publish on September 7th, I came to think of all the posts I have in the pipeline.

So, whilst having a cigarette and a coffee on balcony, I started to list:

- Answering comments;
- Update Dr. Mukwege / Congo;
- Update Order 81
- Update murders of (Russian) journalists / human rights activists
- Iran / Venezuela / South Africa (not always U.S. of A. are to blaim)
- Albinos in Africa [compare with Roma/gypsies - Jams O'Don
nell on occasion of the Zigeunernacht, ran both a remarkable and harrowing series of six posts beginning here -; Jews; homosexuals (f.e. Russia, Tel Aviv)
- Orthodox Jews are allowed to throw stones etc. on Sabbath :)
- T.S. Eliot, Four Quartetts (Stan)
- commending other posts (perhaps a revival of Wordy Wednesday?)
- Lady J's book
- Cheney, Obama - torture
- Kohlrabi - Jams
- Uighurs / China / dissidents (are Uighurs the better people?)

- Bush - Cheney - Dostum
- Belfast Telegraph - Informers
- Impressions de Seanhenge - flowers / plants
- cherry-drunken birds & butterflies
- Zaha Hadid - architect - born in Iraq
- Krisctina Morrei (Jobbik) - Hungarian fascists
- photos of horrible deads - publishing them or not?
- Monsanto - girl - vulture

Herewith a small sheet of paper was filled on both sides.

Plus 103 drafts.
Plus x other topics.

Not to mention these:
- German politics / politics / life in Germany
- The (personal) dreams I want to make come true;
- hiatus;
- The end of Omnium

- - - -

Presently I doubt that there will be a (voluntary) end of Omnium; as you know Omnium is everything and - everywhere. :)

- - - -

No irony and/or arrogance; I hope readers - and you who read until here are certainly qualified to be called a reader :) - would (try to) understand.


Sometimes I do regret that I started blogging in English.

As far as I do know myself ( here are following several atrributes not mentioned - ha ha ha), I shall not stop blogging (in English), though, before I am sure Omnium (which is everything) is said.

On the other site: I can never be sure of what I am doing.

Can you?

The peace of the night.


Ah ... just to make sure: This post was not written due to a drink I made of this very Angel trumpet in Seanhenge ...

Click to enlarge


  1. Dear Old Man, :))

    Hoping that your creaky, rusty bones and muscles settle in a comfortable repose. Throw this malevolant ladder away and (next year) hire a cherries picker. Use Lanolin soothing cream on your scratched forearms.

    If you post only half of your well-thought, interesting program, you'll deserve a salute and an accolade.

    Praying for inspiration and perseverance to make your(personal)dreams come true.

    Your Omnium (now in the hearts of many people) will never stop breathing and growing.

    All the best from a grateful friend.:)

    P.S. Poisonous, hallucinating Angel trumpet at Seanhenge??? Lord Wimsey (or Miss Marple) would suspect the motivations. :))))))

  2. aaaaaa..... Those wonderful cherries and your beautiful garden is all worth it at the end of the day... :)

    Keep on blogging my dear friend. Your intricate posts, your kind comments on my and other's blog, your sweet style and your intellectual stance makes you and Omnium a delight!

  3. Back pain is a curse, Sean. There were times it made me whimper too. Do you suffer periodically, or was it a rare trouble you had with it recently? Either way I am glad to hear you are in less pain now, though I would follow Claudia's sound advice by rubbing cream into those grazes.

    Claudia is also right that your Omnium lives, breathes and grows. It is a force for good! But do not put yourself under undue pressure to write: don't make a gaoler of your muse! May your ailments be minor and your réussites major.

    And what a flower. Like a botanical dragon in dramatic Seanhenge.

  4. Hopefully your back is fully recovered now :-)

    What a beautiful Angel Trumpet even if it is somewhat poisonous.

  5. You do have big plans here Sean. But your garden is distracting you I see. Plus the results of your labour have not all been good and a further distraction.

    Getting older is not always getting better. But then you have a long way to go, so take care.

  6. Those Daturas are so beautiful Sean. Did you grow them from seed?

    As for bloggin you have a lot to keep you going.. and funnily enough I look a bit like a kohlrabi!

  7. Claudia,
    :) nah! I'll prefer picking cherries myself, as long as it is possible (hopefully for at least two decades).
    As for soothing creams: Nah again. As long as it hurts not too much, I'd do nothing about scratches.

    "Well thought program"? :)
    I just wrote down a couple of thoughts, as they came. And I forgot about a lot - as mostly. :)

    Ah, Claude, luckily there is no need to pray for inspiration for this agnostic, but:
    Could you pray a bit more intensive for this agnostic's perserverance and self-discipline? :)

    You are so kind, Claude, and if you think those few who are commenting here, are many people, it's fine.
    Just to make sure: I knew to attract many people, but this is not my purpose.
    I am completely happy to have few, but seldom boring :) readers.

    To you and all others: I do appreciate your kindness very much. It's a pleasure to have you.

    Hm, and for the Angel trumpet: The Lord and the Lady would soon come to the conclusion that this very suspect would rather kill with his skills of martial arts. :)

    what shall I say?
    May I never cause you to change your mind. :)

    when in the past 15 years sometimes (!) my back would hurt I always knew it was my fault.
    Thus, no. Fortunately I do - knocking on wood - not have chronical problems according my back.
    Ah ... hm ... and as for your kind words: They make me feel good. Thank you!
    And yes: You are right. Very right.
    Mostly less is more. :)

    As for the dramatical dragon: As repeatedly said, Seanhenge is everythin else than a park.
    If I'd be asked to describe it I'd say: It's a hardly controlled chaos.

    Now would the Adlers and the Freuds on this planet immediately have an explanation.
    I prefer to think of what - in my opinion. was (one of) Nietzsche's best thoughts:
    Only those who have chaos in their heart might be able to bear a dancing star.
    .... just another dream: I like the thought one summer night us (my seldom borings all sitting together in Seanhenge and ... enjoying life.

    yes! While writing this, I do feel pretty well. :)
    As for the Angel trumpet: So many 'things' in life are looking beautiful, temptating - and at the same time are dangerous.
    In other words: Danger (sometimes) looks beautiful.
    Mostly, we bloggers use to cut our thoughts/comments/replies short. That is why I want to say: It is such a joy to find your comments. (Do I need say this goes for you all?).
    Lovely to have you. Thanks a lot.

    if the plans are big I do not know.
    Yes! Everyday life ( and that does include gardening) does - in a way - distract me.
    The results of my labour doesn't give reason to complain, though. :)
    However, we ought always to take care. Yes!
    Thank you.

    I shall have to check as this very Angel trumpet (datura) is a present of Mrs. J's brother.
    Asking around so far I heard that taking a branch would result in the same colour, but tht by successfully trying a seed you might get (completely) different colours.

    As for the Kohlrabi: I promised we'd grow some more (just for you). Would (unfortunately) make no sense to send them, but soon you'll ... see. :)