Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How we [...] kill rats

Most visitors will not have come across the name Marina Abramović [please do not mind me offering this slightly lousy Wikepedia entry].
None of us can know all (great / remarkable) artists, hm?

When watching the following which is but a tiny part of her performance that 1997 brought/earned her a Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, please let not attract yourself by some comments.
Think of what happened on the Balkan in the mid-90s. Think of Srebrenica. Think of ...

... think of what happened since, happens now and (hopefully not, but) probably will happen elsewhere on this planet ...



  1. THat is amazing. THanks for sharing Sean. I ahd not heard of her before.

  2. :):):) I thought the ending was totally unexpected....

    The rat story is gruesome I must say...

  3. Jams,
    amazing performance, amazing artist, indeed, Jams.
    Glad you enjoyed.

    she is most (thought-)provoking. Wish I could have offered more than this short piece of Balkan Baroque.

  4. Yes, we humans are only sophisticated ANIMALS.

    Unlike the Rodent atory, we have the ability to kill yet none of us are starving. Imagine how we would act if that were to occur.

  5. Ardent,
    our cat uses to kill mize. Just so, and we do appreciate;
    Is our cat a good cat?
    our cat uses to kill birds. Just so, and we don't appreciate;
    neither we do appreciate that she killed three dragon flies.
    Is our cat evil?

    In other words:
    I do not like evil human beings getting compared to animals.
    Human beings - for whatever reason - could know better. And thus, all atrocities human beings commit are - human.

    Anyway, all in all, we mean the same.

  6. A very good point Sean.

    Your analogy did give me a lot to ponder about ... our race can be extremely ugly.

  7. Ardent,
    yes - and, unfortunately what we can we would do. At least there are enough ugly members in each generation who would try their best to make decent people's life miserable.