Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kohlrabi for the Poor Mouth

After all, only :) 100 days after I promised Jams O'Donnel Esq. to grow some Kohlrabi more, just for him:

Here you are Jams: Bon appetit!


  1. How beautiful. If Jams isn't quick I might steal them before his eyes ;-)

  2. It's so fresh and tempting. Never tasted it. Just looked in one of my cookbooks and saw two recipes: 'au gratin, with Camembert cheese and cooked ham', and 'in cream sauce with bacon'. Can hardly wait till shopping tomorrow.

  3. CherryPie,
    four posts on one day made your Kohlrabi. :) Enjoy the delicatesse.

    potatoes, meat loaf, Kohlrabi - one evidence for that simple meals can be most delicious.
    Hope you enjoyed to feel the first Kohlrabi melting on your tongue. :)

  4. To meet with a Kohlrabi has been (still is) quite an adventure! First, although I had brought your photos, it was hard to locate it. Then, when I suggested to the helpful vegman to cut the leaves off, he looked at me with pity. "You know nothing! Everything good, very good." And he gave me part of a leaf to chew on. A bit bitter...I brought the whole kohlrabi home, looked in the English-French Dictionary, saw chou-rave. I googled the name and discovered (as you say) that I didn't need any fancy recipes to enjoy the kohlrabi, raw, or steamed. Tonight, I'm using it in a pasta dish.

    Your kohlrabi is OK, Sean. It has been fun to read all the articles on the internet. Many people rave about it. Thanks!:)

  5. A Sean I am touched that you have grown wuch magnicient vegetables in my honour!

    I salute you sir!

  6. Claudia,
    a pleasure to read your Kohlrabi adventure.
    ... in a pasta dish?! Hm.
    So far we had always potatoes with the Kohlrabi. If I am able to convince the female majority, we'll give it a try, though.
    Enjoy your meal.

    my pleasure. :)
    Almost off topic: Rumour goes that pregant with an idea McSeanagall has retreated in the labour room of his thoughts joyously expecting to give birth to an Ode to Kohlrabi.