Saturday, August 01, 2009

Any time I see ...


  1. ...I see nothing....)

    blank page, is what I see.(

  2. I thank the Supreme Force that I was born in Australia and not the Congo.

    What a very disturbing life those helpless women must have.

  3. It is saddening to think such things carry on happening.

  4. I ran a post on the Sudan one but of course it's happening here too, isn't it? Hard to know what can be done.

  5. Hans,
    Maybe you can google (in Istanbul): Raped women in Congo. You would then see many articles, and you could hear a NPR interview with Lisa Jackson. She did the video on the Congo women brutally raped by soldiers and mercenaries.
    I also googled Belgian Congo. The horrifying today situation seems to be the continuation of what the people of Congo suffered under the rubber-terror reign of King Leopold 2.

    Joseph Conrad said that he did not have to fictionalize many facts in Heart of Darkness.

    Why is it still happening? In front of our eyes? Are we doing anything about this?

  6. I saw this documentary a few months ago. It was totally heart ranching and extremely disturbing...

    The civil war in Congo has been going for a long time... it's those damn natural minerals such as Coltan, which is an essential component of our cell phones today....

    Companies benefiting from the coltan wars are based in Belgium, China, and Germany, along with several in the United States....

    One can google the information quickly to get to the real story....

    Women are paying for it all with their bodies... :(

  7. Utterly horrifying. I find it appalling that the events in teh Congo have hand only the sketchiest of coverage.

    Today makrs the 65th anniversary of another horrifying act: Zigeunernacht