Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ms Clinton goes Congo

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has demanded an end to widespread sexual abuse in war-ravaged eastern DR Congo, during a visit to the country.
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Interesting, hm?
And horrible, alone if you imagine ...

Well, and certainly you remember this passage:
The BBC's Will Ross, in Nairobi, says perpetrators go unpunished and that sexual attacks have increased since January, when a government offensive [emphasis mine] was launched against rebels linked to Rwanda's genocide.

What the BBC (-man) does not tell you will find in a Washington Post article under following headline:

Congo's Rape Epidemic Worsens During U.S.-Backed Military Operation

Sic! U.S.-Backed Military Operation.

Or should it rather read:

U.S. Mercenary-backed ...] ?


[...] Blackwater-Led ...] ?

Anyway, here is Stephanie McCrummen's article, upon which I stumbled after having stumbled upon The Angry Arab.

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  1. Well said, most scenes of internal conflict are US backed.

  2. And Mrs. Clinton will send more weapons to the Somali government. Well, i guess that will really be a great help to Africa....


  3. I'm not violent by nature but, reading this article, my blood is boiling. Maybe we should discuss here if, in such cases, (as nobody is there to protect the women), it might be appropriate to arm them and teach them how to use a weapon when being attacked by a soldier.

    The idea, that some well-meaning groups take time to go around and give school-like lessons to those soldiers on how to respect women, is nearly ludicrous.

    You teach that when the young boys are growing up, not when you just created a climate of violence by hiring those men to ambush and kill the ennemies.

    I think that flogging, in front of the people they raped, and the other soldiers, would be the right punishment for rapists. Anywhere in the world.

    Wish I could pronounce the word peace here...

  4. Oulala! Claudia, public flogging.....
    They do that in Iran and in Somalia today. I don't know if it makes a better world....

    But indeed, i have the same problem with my blood as you have.


  5. Welcome to Omnium, Mylady, and thanks.

    Not only for you, but also as a tiny reminder for regular readers, and thus, please, not to understand as nitpicking:

    Although they offer uncountable opportunities to condemn them: the U.S.A. are not to blame for all atrocities on this planet. For many, for very many, but not for most.
    Hopefully soon I shall find the leisure - and the proper words - to give at least some examples.
    Having said this: A beacon of philanthropy those who claim to be blessed by living in what they call 'God's own country' certainly not!

    thanks for this addendum I did not mention in order not to overload this post.
    As mostly you are right.

    [For readers who would not know what we are talking about - this is what we are talking about.

    This is exactly a dilemma for people like us; people who deep in their hearts are convinced that it would and should be possible to live in peace and harmony, if ...
    ... and sometimes, somewhen having to realise their "dreams" will never (?) come true they run the risk of at least in their thoughts becoming (almost) as cruel as those they can't convince to live in peace and harmony.

    Death penalty? Flogging? Cutting the rapists' cojones off?
    Would one of us shout: "Hey, let me be the executor!" ?
    Okay, it's said after the first murder it's getting easier.
    Still, I suppose most of us, would not make the step - unless (next scenario) being forced ... by exactly the very kind of bastards that sometimes / often make us feel helpless and ... furious.

    although we are talking about a terrible kind of reality, you make me smile, as I am thinking of one of your recent comments at internation musings: : My God , what a terrible trio we are!)
    The peace of the night, my friend.

  6. Ach here's another person with boiling blood Sean

  7. Jams,
    the conundrum is: how to bundle all our boiling blood and ... make an difference?

    Ah! Sometimes I wish I were nothing but a humble gardener, not knowing that I am a humble gardener living in a country the government of which is part of a so-called alliance of the willing that is worldwide fighting to protect my peace(ful) life.

  8. It is a sickening thought that in the history of mankind we are not a whole heap closer to peace on earth than we were in the beginning. That women are used and abused this way leaves me wordless...are we forever condemned to be treated as second rate citizens or worse in many parts of the world?

  9. Janice,
    ... I wish the answer to your question could straightforward be a No! ...

    Did you watch the vid in the related post?
    Watching it I know: My wish will not come true ... in my lifetime ...