Wednesday, August 19, 2009

They are - am I ?

(hazel) nuts.

The answer I leave to my esteemed readers, as it is not impossible that I am a bit biased, but anyway: There will lots of nuts to be cracked in Seanhenge this year - either by its two-legged inhabitants and by the squirrels.


  1. Yummy!

    My mother comes from the black sea area of Turkey. In that region, hazelnuts are a big part of their culture. When we were young she took us to her small city by the cost and brought us to a hazelnut paradise. I remember picking the hazelnuts right off the trees and eating and eating and eating... I also remember feeling quite sick afterwards.... However, it was a wonderful experience :)... There is nothing like a fresh hazelnut off the tree...

    I am envious of you now!!! :)

  2. Yep!

    Don't go near the squirrels. You would be a tough one to crack...:)

  3. It feels like centuries since I ate hazelnuts fresh off the branch. I hope they taste as good as they look!

    As to nuttiness: it would be an appropriate response to a nutty world.

  4. Archimedes would know how!

    An esteemed reader.

  5. Ah there's nothing like hazelniuts, I wish we had a nut tree. You are blessed Sean!

  6. And such a lovely photo in celebration too :-)

  7. Nut trees are beautiful, and so tempting. :)

  8. Nevin,
    don't be envious! Didn't you learn from your early experience that even a paradise has its dangers? :)

    Well, as I shall anyway have to ask a certain reindeer to transport some hazelnuts across the Atlantic (see my reply to Claudia's third comment), I'll ask him make a little detour and let some nuts drop through your chimney. :)

    too kind of you to worry about the squirrels. :)

    While one of our neighbours recently was complaining about his hazelnuts
    (All have holes), ours so far - knocking on wood - look good, like perfect ingredients for a most delicious banana-bread.

    Ah, and thanks for the second paragraph. Your words are balm for my - occasional? :) - nuttiness.

    now you mention it. His last words were "Noli turbare nuces meos" / "Don't disturb my nuts", weren't they? :)

    shall I send you two layers?
    If we would let them grow, Seanhenge would soon become a morello-hazel-forest.

    I was so surprised when detecting these very nuts in mid-June, as they are on a tiny tree that managed to grow unnoticed in one of our idyllic corners (also: chaos corners), so to speak in the shadow of ivy hedge, nettles, wild roses, morello tree etc. etc.. :)
    Glad you like the photo. Thanks.

    third comment! Gosh! They seem to be tempting, indeed? I'll try in time to contact red-nosed Rudolph ... :)

  9. Actually, it was only one comment but my thinking was slow.:)))))

    Did Archimedes truly say that when dying? You have such fascinating, historical knowledge, Sean.:) What I knew is that a nutcracker works on the principle of moments as described in Archimedes' analysis of the lever.

    In my long-ago youth group, we had much fun teasing one another about our nuttiness, and Archimedes always made an appearance. I couldn't resist today. Sorry, Sean! But look at what I learned? Some famous last words I will quote when eating nuts with my friends...:)))))

  10. Hazelnut and Morello? I feel a praline based cherry treat coming up!

  11. Reading this i'd say some creatures are nuts.
    Others are hazelnuts.


  12. I love fresh hazelnuts. Sean you were so smart to plant so many fruit and nut trees.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  13. Claudia,
    ... or did Archimedes rather than about his nuces worry about his circulos? ... :)

    now, that's an idea! ... I shall let you know the result.

    ha ha ha ... and not to forget those who are more than 80 percent bicycle.

    Thanks for your kind words, Mother of Orchids. :)
    Actually, rather than smart I do feel privileged that I am allowed to live such a life.

  14. There are lots in the woods here and they are really tasty if you can get to them before anything else does :)

  15. Janice,
    I bet the early poetess catches the nuts. :)