Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Andrew's Cross

Don QuiScottie's, respectively ...


  1. Ah... I'm sure that'll cheer the disturbed and deranged oddity up a bit. He has promised to return one day, you know, once he gets his head fixed. That's a big job though, apparently, requiring advanced technology (or maybe just some relative peace and quiet). He is out there somewhere, among friends, I believe.

  2. Surely that is Don QuiScottie's sign for Seanso to spring into action and aid his liege lord!

    You will find him at the third windmill on the right

  3. CherryPie,
    I am sure he was.

    And oftentimes, to win us to our harm, The instruments of darkness tell us truths, Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s In deepest consequence
    [Banquo in McBeth, 1., 3.]

    Are you sure you are not trying to lull the noble Squire's guards?

    let's saddle our donkeys! Our Squire seems to be in great trouble.

  4. Aid Don QuiScottie? Some fine men have tried to aid him, but they seem to be being diverted by the attentions of Dulcinea on ascending the stairs, and then leaving, somewhat in a daze with a dreamy smile on their faces. The Don, on observing this from his painful perch, gives thanks that the sweet lady must have dreamt up the perfect plan and dispatched the good men to seek whatever is necessary, for what other explanation could there be? But many men must be required for her wondrous plan, for so many are arriving that a queue is now forming. "Lucky am I to have such an attentive and well organised lady..", the Don has been saying in admiration...

  5. We have a St. Andrew's Cross spider in Australia. It rests with its legs making a cross like that.

  6. The sky truly speaks to Andrew. I'm starting to believe him when he says that he has connection in outer space.

  7. Andrew's Cross?

    No I am not

    No I wasn't

    Not cross at all

    A little tired perhaps

    Depressed perhaps

    Asleep perhaps

    But not cross

    Andrew the Don of QuiScottie

  8. Oh, had Andrew, not denied, I might not have taken notice of your comments, Ashley and Claude.
    Well, who would not have now and then suspected that Andrew actually is Spiderman, with connection in outer space?

    Okay, Andrew, your secret will be kept in this comment section. :)