Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday is Skyday


  1. I feel perplexity as to whether that looks angry or calm. Should I be fearful or hopeful?

    (Just between ourselves boys... I confess I have exactly the same dilemma with my Dulcinea sometimes).

  2. Ah, Don QuiScottie,
    here cometh relief: Orange equals joy and serenety. So, whenever you see Dulcinea turning orange ...

  3. Although orange can also mean a fake tan too!

    Beautiful sky Sean

  4. May I clarify? The Lady Dulcinea does never turn orange, but on glimpsing my first sight of her after an absence I do oftentimes wonder if she is a happy calm sight for me or an angry, even violent, one. Shocking it may be, but the fact is that sometimes she is so bursting with love for me that she gets angry (I can only presume that is anger that she has not had my own love administered to her for so long). Indeed sometimes she is so pained by the violent bursting forth of her love that she does just scream at me to "Go away! Just go!" Poor thing, she suffers such from loving me too much. At other times however, most often when she is sleeping, I am able to approach. A tender touch is needed, for my love works best when she does sleep.

  5. Jams,
    oh yes, now you mention it. ... Hm ... how cometh Dulcinea is suddently morphing into Dutchinea?

    Don QuiScottie,
    of course, you may.
    And: thank you for clarifying.
    May I wish Dulcinea may sleep whenever you wish your love to work best?

    Claude, CherryPie,
    isn't it? :)