Saturday, September 03, 2011

Time for a Fado

And here the lyrics in English, with thanks to

Júlia Galdéria / Lived in misery / She was the guilty one, / She had no husband / Lived alone / There in Lançada. / Lived contented / Looked at people / With the air of mockery, / And all that she had / A little bottle Of old cachaça / Júlia Galdéria, / One day died, / It was the Cinco Tavern / That suffered the most…Oh Júlia Galdéria, / Your sad story! / But I’ve not forgotten / And have drunk to your memory! / You’ll fall here / You’ll fall there / And I’ll put you on your feet, / By St. Martinho / You drank good wine / And good rum! / Rude Júlia, You’re alcoholized, This is the mystery! / You emptied the barrel, / Stretched your long legs, / Went to end up at the cemetery…


  1. It wasn't a bad life, Julia. At least, somebody remembers you!

    Good link, Sean. Thanks!

  2. Claude,
    a pleasure to learn I served you well, Mylady.

  3. I think this sad story also has an "air of mockery", or at least a good dose of irony. She has a very expressive face.

  4. Stan,
    there's certainly a lot of mockery in the air. Did you notice her waking up the old toper?

  5. I did. A lullaby it ain't!

    P.S. The Captcha for this comment is "yesms". Yes, Ms!