Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Delighthearted even.


  1. Ashley,
    a fine piece of wordsmithery, hm?

    Ha ha ha ....

    in another word: delightful. :)

    You do, of course, know that one-word-comments coming from you do always let me smile.

  2. You're so perceptive, Sean. Actually, I had written ten lines which I deleted when I realised that it all meant: exquisite. Sometimes, to say more than one word is stuttering.

  3. Claude,
    don't you think one of us indulging in taciturnity is enough? ;)

  4. Andrew,
    you had written 26 lines which you deleted when you realised that it all meant: Oh!

  5. Actually I had written a book of 83425 words, just completed after years of labour, when suddenly on looking at your photograph I realised that all it all really meant, as my commentary on existence, was "Oh!". This will save on paper but the royalties will not be great.

  6. Andrew, There were times in my life when some people would have paid me a lot, just to say "Oh!" and never to open my mouth again.

  7. Andrew,
    less is more.
    Thus: less words – more royalties.
    And now I shall get prepared to horsebeat Shaunso for his awful awful typos.

    oh là là.

  8. You bring back a lot of memories with some of your posts.

    In my twenties, I was part of a French group which (for a minimal fee) would present plays, poetry, music etc. At times, it could be very boring. To liven up the audience, there were three musicians who would play an arrangement of La Danse Macabre. I can still wake up the dead with it!!!

    Your Oh la la was one of our favourite sayings, followed by fifteen kids, and no papa!
    This was about the only English we knew!....

    Thanks for the memories!

  9. In case my comment about being paid not to talk could be misunderstood...Actually, when I was with that French group, I had a tendancy to talk a lot to get my point across. It didn't work at all. Nobody paid much attention. We still had fun. I wish I would know where some of those people are now.